Korea Special

The life of a ‘stalker’ fan.

If the life of a Kpop idol rates 10/10 in difficulty, then the stalker fan rates 1/4 of that (including ampunt of money spent). Today, I embarked on the one-day journey of a B2ST/BEAST Korean fan (with as much Korean as I can speak) for SBS Inkigayo. I woke up at 5.15, dressed up and […]

Korea Special (2): Jeju-do Day 2

Must-dos when on holiday… 1. Climb a mountain : checked. I’ve seen people blogging about the climb but why hasn’t anyone complain about how tiring it is actually, because I’m sure not all of them are frequent climbers. There are 4 routes up the mountain where two allows you to reach the top and the […]

Korea Special (1): Jeju-do Day 1

Korea Special (1): Jeju-do Day 1

Hey guys! i bet you guys weren’t expecting this but i am currently in Korea (screams like a crazy person!). First off, i had to take an international flight to Incheon Airport before taking the train to Gimpo Airport. There are two trains you will see when you follow the signs to the Airport Railroad, […]