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Dance Practice Videos: Trending Right Now

In this day and age, MVs are no longer enough in the world of Kpop where Dance Practice Videos are another good way to promote yourself. Dance Practice Videos (DPV) give idols chance to show their silly/fun (apparently cute) sides, super dance moves and hopefully no-make-up-face without their companies costing a bomb. DPV used to […]

The Hard Truth: Why Boy Bands Are Better

The Kpop music industry has no shortage of either girl or boy band groups. Even more so, after this year’s wave of rookie debuts. Even though I’m not exactly sure about the economical benefits of either gender’s group -whether a boy group or a girl group earns more- it seems that forming a boy band […]

N-Train: the perfect example of why KPOP becomes generic.

N-Train: the perfect example of why KPOP becomes generic.

N-Train has got be another drop of rain that makes a little splash in the puddle they fell into called KPOP. The mechanism of Kpop is actually so simple: dance tracks are a must, if the singing is of any good, it’s a plus point because you can branch out into ballads. N-Train debut with […]

The (almost) Perfect Live Performance

Every week, kpop (foreigner) fans camp in front of their computer either to stream the weekly live music programmes’ broadcasts -mainly Mnet, MusicBank (MuBank), Inkigayo (Inki)- or to wait for some other fan to post a video of the live performance on Youtube. (guilty as charged) And i’m sure Korean fans do something of the […]