Hello fellow earthlings, i am a female of age XX currently still studying in XXX. I am fluent in English, Chinese and (i like to think) Japanese. I can speak and understand limited Korean and French. One of my crazy aim in life is to learn 10 languages and actually be sufficiently fluent in them. i kid you not haha. I am not the most I.T savvy person so it took me awhile to get this blog going. But. i have finally overcome my fear of managing my own blog because i really want to share my opinions on korean media (mostly kpop and kdrama) with the netizens of the world and get to know other people’s opinions too. I have been sucked into the world of kpop for about 6 years now, however, i was out of it for 5 months in 2011 but am back in business since the start of 2012. Recently, i have been hooked onto reading reviews on korean media which has pushed me into wanting to share my own opinions too. I really do hope this blog goes a long way so i will try to update it at least once every two days (less frequent during school days), probably with more posts each day during my holidays. With that being said, i hope you enjoy my blog and well i don’t want to beg people to comment because i understand if you are feeling lazy but it would be nice to know that my posts are being read by someone, somewhere, sometime out there.

Disclaimer: I am not out to offend anybody or any fans, all published articles are my own opinions and you are allowed to agree or disagree with me.

Happy Reading!


4 comments on “About

  1. I have no idea where I should put this, but I have a BIG announcement!!!
    I nominated this blog for the Liebster Award

    • wow thanks a lot. but im afraid i don’t think i’m that qualified considering the fact that i don’t post that often =X. good luck for it! and thanks again! really appreciate it!

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