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Lee Hi: What this young singer has to sing about…

Let me see… i can’t put my finger on when i actually found out about Lee Hi. I think i was first introduced to SuPearls and Kpop Star and somewhere along the article i read that the runner-up Ha Yi signed with YG (and SuPearls minus one). The next thing i remember was singing along to 1, 2, 3, 4.

Back then, i still didn’t know anything besides that she was from Kpop Star. While watching the MV i was thinking that she definitely looks different compared to other idols and her voice eventually made me curious. I must say i was a bit shock when i found out she was that young because she does have a mature face (or maybe it’s the voice) though she really looks younger if you try to get past all the make-up. (Or maybe knowing she’s young changes my perspective unconsciously) Either way, she is really young!

1, 2, 3, 4 was just one of those songs that could fit in a musical, even the style of the MV has ‘muscial’ written all over it. This song definitely put her (and her voice) out there for all the kpop world to see allowing her to fly to the top of the charts in no time. I guess her kind of voice is considered really unique (and of course really nice-sounding) which makes her stand out even more. YG did a good job in debuting her asap while she was still much recognizable and remembered by the public after kpop star, saving the money on extra promotional tactics.

Her next promotional track, ‘It’s over’ had a similar feel to 1, 2, 3, 4 where it was about ad-libs and basically showing off her voice. The dressing of Lee Hi was also better here. I guess they heard about how we felt about that lace/semi see-through top in 1, 2, 3, 4. (I mean for goodness sake, the girl’s only 16) Though watching her live performances, i still think her skirts are too short. Call me old-fashion!!

I must say, i enjoyed both above songs, but i think i really fell in love with her latest single ‘Rose’

Not just the song, but the MV itself is beautifully made. The colours (and the whole MV) was as successful as can be when it can portray the emotions and message of the song. With a little inference skill, any non-korean-speaking person should be able decipher the message and the song content. It’s one of those MV that doesn’t have any dancing but can get your just watching it over and over again. (cue: Love Song by Big Bang). Also contributing to the success of this MV is the change of scenes which are totally in sync with the beat of the song, pay attention and you will see how together the MV and song is. Of course there are bound to be little question marks about the MV but it does what it sets out to do eventually.

Did i mention how beautiful the sets and props were (again)?

Though i think they could have done away with that rose print dress, that scene with the dancers in their white fabric. Her face is not the smallest so having her hair blown back and a frontal shot does nothing to flatter her face shape and neither those that awful dress help when she look like she was drowning in it. Maybe they noticed that and thus it lasted for a few seconds. Phew.

With ‘Rose’, it wasn’t just about showing off her voice but rather her musical direction? I guess you could say that the song didn’t just try to test all her vocal abilities and it felt like it was a comfortable song for her to sing. Both song and her voice definitely complimented each other here. In the end, even though people say that she still can’t express herself visually (in her making-mv video, she says this MV is easier cause all she has to do is stare blankly haha.. and look beautiful) that well, her voice does it for her. In her singing, you can feel and hear the push and pull (restrain) and it’s the little details that determine the atmosphere and feeling of the song. Then again, her songs are so far either-you-like-it-or-you-don’t kind because they have a really strong musical stand.

As much as i liked her previous titles, ‘Rose’ definitely pulled me all the way in. What do you guys think? Do you prefer her older songs or her latest one?


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