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SuperJunior M with “Break Down”

The next big thing after ‘Super Girl’ is ‘Break Down’, and SM is finally doing it right again. Well, maybe not with the box. To make the introduction short: people, meet SM’s dance box; box, meet people. With that out of the way, let’s get to breaking down the song.

When i listen to songs like this, it makes me think that i guess SM isn’t one of the big 3 for nothing, when they have to (or feel like it), they actually can produce pretty good songs while reusing the SM-song formula. Somehow, this song make it seem like SuperJunior got the short end of the stick compared to SuperJunior M, the irony…

The song bases itself along a particular music (or electronic music) phrase that is probably repeated throughout most of the song. I say ‘probably’ because my instincts tell me it’s always there but not necessarily for the human ears to pick out after all that layering. Though there are tons, i mean TONS, of different (i’d like to think musical) things going on, it sits on the fine line between messy and wholesome. Frankly, in any kind of arts, genius almost always happens on that line.

The music picks up with only one melody phrase before slowly building up to the chorus where that melody fades out into oblivion and back again in the second verse. The format of the instrumental is pretty much standard though the beats work really well with the synthesizer. Though the instrumental and the vocal melody goes hand-in-hand, i think the vocal melody in this case stood out against the background instrumental very well.

The fact that the vocal melody of the chorus is perfectly in sync with the beats makes it more catchy and memorable. Though the first verse (or raps) was good and i liked that thing they did in the chorus, i think things really started becoming interesting from the second verse with Ryeowook’s part. Then the greatly timed parts by Henry and Eun Hyuk and back to the chorus. By the time we hit the second chorus, you’d probably be singing along. And then comes the highlight: Ryeowook’s and Zhou Mi’s part where they do like a change from major to minor or it is changing keys (i’m not sure if it’s the correct description. Musical people, correct me if i’m wrong). Yes, and what would we do without a dance break (these things are what companies think are a must now). Then we get more of those cool singing techniques that is probably the thing that really makes this song stand out in all the right ways.

All in all, i would say good job SM, good job Suju-M. I believe that this is the first step to stepping away from the old SJM. Hopefully, they will continue to produce good music because when it comes to chinese music, they’re all i got right now =X

P.S: if you really listen closely, you can hear their foot steps at the beginning of the MV, somehow it really appeals to me how they are really in-sync.


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