Dance Practice Videos: Trending Right Now

In this day and age, MVs are no longer enough in the world of Kpop where Dance Practice Videos are another good way to promote yourself. Dance Practice Videos (DPV) give idols chance to show their silly/fun (apparently cute) sides, super dance moves and hopefully no-make-up-face without their companies costing a bomb. DPV used to be serious business back in DBSK days, now it’s all about how idols interact with the video camera (and supposedly their fans watching the video) because fans just loooovvveee how silly and funny their idols can be. Nevertheless, most DPV still live up to their name of being dance practice videos and most importantly, they allow people all over the world to learn their dance moves within the comfort of their house -talk about brain washing made easy. Today i analyse the different types of DPV out there and how useful or practical they actually are.

Case Study 1: Acting silly/funny to your own song just because… they can (and probably fan service).

Purpose: Fan Service 100% and relieving stress?

Usefulness: Without fans… zero

Case Study 2: Interaction with video camera but dance is taken seriously

Purpose: Fan Service and Monitoring themselves

Usefulness: Very useful in letting us know how good their dancing is especially when it’s not obvious during live performances’ broadcasts

Case Study 3: Promoting the men behind-the-scenes

Purpose: Definitely entertainment

Usefulness: Just for laughs

Case Study 4: Dance Tutorials

Purpose: Brain-washing!!

Usefulness: Very (B.A.P’s tutorial reminds me of the emergency demo on airplanes)

Honorable Mention: One of the first (or first, actually) groups to start the DPV trends… DBSK!!

Ancient DPV: before there was HD; you needed to be a big fan to even recognize who is who

Combination of fan service and dance tutorial!

Most of the DPV can be pretty useful especially for fans who’d like simplicity and to just enjoy the dance choreography. After all, they are just as appreciated as MVs, the fact that they cost zero makes it one of the best way of promotion.

2 comments on “Dance Practice Videos: Trending Right Now

  1. I love dance practice video, It’s like music video dance version without all the shit and set around. Teen Top and Infinite are the best and I most say 100% was quite impressive too since they are singing in the same time.

    • Haha true. Simple can be good. I guess when they don’t need to sing they can put more effort into dancing so its sometimes better than live performances.

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