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G.na is so much better on a “Beautiful Day”

It became a beautiful day after G.na and Sanchez released a duet titled “Beautiful day”.

In this duet, we get a glimpse of everything G.na could and should have been before ‘2Hot’ days (i cringe at that name). This duet is like the occasional reminder we need to remind ourselves how great G.na is. Not even ‘Oops’ could save the poor girl, especially not when her manager snatched up more attention than her in her practice video.

Right at the beginning of the song, with Sanchez hitting the first note, it is plain to sight that this is just the type of song for Sanchez. (See ‘Hole in your face’ and ‘Burning’) When G.na started harmonizing with Sanchez, it’s that moment when you think to yourself… ah, this is going to be a good song. Not only were the harmonizing parts great to listen, but the overall feel of the song is pretty catchy. It helps that they both have great English pronounciation so i can actually sing along to the chorus in proper english. The amount of difference it makes when you can actually differentiate ‘lego’ and ‘let go’…

Sanchez’s english was so spot on that the english rap didn’t feel out of place nor did it make for some laughs. It was all serious business.

The MV is really nothing special as both of them just sit and stand around most of the MV. The only applaudable aspect of the MV would have to be it’s editing. With it’s smooth changing of scenes and how the editing synced nicely with the rhythm and beat of the song, it’s simple videos like this that really test the skills of the director and editor. Though i did wish that they played around the colours more as practically all of the MV was shot in an orang-y light which got a bit boring since the video was already very simple.

Though i liked the song quite a bit, i have to admit that it isn’t the most original nor special song. It’s just one of those ‘safe’ song that won’t go wrong even if you tried. Still, i’m glad G.na finally got to do something actually productive with her career. Cheers for lack of asses!


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