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tvN: Shut Up Flower Boy Band

phew… it’s been ages since i actually completed a post decent enough to post, what with all that school load. The drafts are piling up.

It’s been a long time since i had the time (and privilege) to just lie on my couch the WHOLE DAY doing nothing but moving my fingers (and going to the kitchen or toilet) if nothing but just to stream the next episode of the drama. I finished this drama within 2 days and it was good enough and too underrated that i had to advertise it here.

i knew of this drama when it just came out but i guess the cast didn’t do it for me, and with L (Infinite) as one of the main character, i had to admit i was a bit skeptical that it was going to turn into some idol nonsense. Not to mention that it was part of tvN’s flower boy series. i remember watching the first 5 minutes and being turned off by the way they begin the show, i guess it reminded me of how a show i had watched before had the same kind of start and turned out to be really stupid. In the end, out of curiosity (and growing appreciation of tvN’s original dramas), I finally was patient enough to sit through that first 6 minutes to eventually watch it this holiday.

The show was definitely much better than I had expected (since i did go into it with low expectations) and is surely quite underrated. It is definitely better than the previous flower boy series Flower Boy Ramyeon Shop in terms of storyline, logic and naturally, musicality.


The story basically revolves around a group of friends in a music rock band, though the leader of the band gets the bulk of the storyline. They are not your usual high schoolers (obviously) but the bad boy gang of the school. Talk about typical drama bad boys that girls just adore, this show has them aplenty. From the cool guy who doesn’t give a shit to the playboy and the ice prince, there wouldn’t be a problem in finding your favourite guy from this band of guys. The boys’ have decent acting skills and i didn’t find myself cringing anytime of the drama, their portrayal of angsty youngsters were all under control. L almost had me believing that he was that angsty all the while and i totally forgot about his usual sweet and peaceful self in Infinite till he had to pull the ‘idol-face’ during the later part of the show did i remember… “Oh, that was how he usually was.” For the guy viewers, the main actress is overflowing with sweetness and those eyes(!!), even i think she’s mesmerizing. (haha, i summed it up with one sentence, can you blame me? At this point, i’m smitten with Ji Hyuk’s character) Alright, i like her character too, she doesn’t drag her feet in the water and is a brave and straight forward girl, one that is all-so-suitable for Ji Hyuk

If i had to point out a problem with this drama, the only one would be the length of the show. At one point, i thought the show was dragging around too much when the show could have been wrapped up in less than 16 episodes. Well, it just served as more ‘eye-candy’ for me. The ending was not typical since most of us would not have expected them to actually disband. Since most drama would have ended with a ‘happy’ ending. Instead, i would say the ending served as an enlightenment and was really meaningful for a teen drama.

The only time when a korean drama doesn’t have mostly ballads as their OST is when the band involved is a rock band. As the pop rock/ rock music lover that i am, i couldn’t be happier with the OST. Talking about music, i guess what i love best about Korean music dramas are that the actors and actresses themselves can sing (and some of them actually can play musical instruments, the drummer in this band is a real drummer!) just as well as any kpop idol out there. (Dramas: I am legend, Dream High, Beautfiul You etc)

All in all, it was a ‘pretty’ good watch for a drama i took up on a whim, all that eye candy! Not to mention that i walked away with new music to add to my iPod. This is definitely a (sometimes) more mature teen drama, but nonetheless is an easy watch. Kind of a great drama to watch when you don’t want to use your brain or emotions too much. Not to say that there weren’t some touching moments in there, but it’s surely not one of those too brainless dramas. A summer/winter break drama maybe?

(Listening to the OST while writing this article: music director from one of my favourite rock band: Loveholics! no wonder the songs are this great)


Eye Candy – 무단횡단 (Jaywalking) and Wake Up

Eye Candy (Byung Hee as vocals) – Not in Love

Ye Rim – 소녀곡예사

Ye Rim & L – Love U Like U

Sung Joon (Ji Hyuk; written by Seung Hoon) – 오늘은 (Today)

Sung Joon (sung and written by Ji Hyuk) – 몰라야 할 말


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