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B1A4: songs “In The Wind”

Alright, alright.. i know it’s really late of me to write about B1A4’s latest album only at this time, but it’s never too late if someone starts listening to this album because they saw this! (cross fingers)

Usually, if it’s way beyond the album’s release date, i would not feel the need to review the album. However, in this case, this is one of those albums that i find the need to recommend to the rest of the world because it is not appreciated enough. Albums from the top Hallyu stars like Big Bang get out there naturally and hardly needs much pushing.


I would not say that i am a diehard fan of B1A4, but i believe i know enough about them (knowing their names at least means a lot) and their previous works. Needless to say, i came to appreciate them only after ‘Baby, i’m sorry’, and finding out that their leader Jin Young had a big hand in producing that song made me more attracted to them. (i love singers who write their own music) Their previous full length album ‘Ignition’ was decent, and i could hear the potential in them which made me keep my eyes (and ears) open to them. Though i would say that their second single “Baby Good night’ of that album was a bit of a turn off for most almost-fans i’m sure. Not only was the content morally wrong in every way, the musicality did nothing good enough to save it.

With my heavy workload in school, it was only during the later part of their promotions did i finally hear their latest single ‘Tired to walk’ on Music Bank when they were already the top contenders. The first listen got me interested but not hooked yet, the second listen caught me, and the rest was history. i was (and still will be) hooked on to this song like how a fish gets caught on bait.

(When idols can actually sing, i usually prefer their live performances):

Tell me that is not GREAT!!!

The choreography is part of the reason why i love the live performance. It’s unique, and really fits the song and beats even if it’s not the most difficult choreography, it captures your attention right from the start and is all in the details. Considering the MV for this song didn’t show any choreography, it would be a pleasant surprise if you had watched the MV first.

Back to the album… this time, not only Jin Young, but Baro (rapper) also had a bigger hand in the production of the whole album. And i’m wondering what took the company so long to do that, when obviously these guys produce better songs than the company (i must say). Though, i’m sure credit has to be given to the company for training their songwriting skills, not to mention, even allowing them to write their own songs unlike a certain entertainment company. I know i will be stoned for this, but since ‘Baby i’m sorry’ i can’t help but to hope that B1A4 will be almost as big as Big Bang. I think they deserve at least that amount of recognition.

This is one of the rare moments when i would like to comment on their album cover. As somewhat of an art lover, i usually give up on most CD’s cover because what’s important is inside and the covers usually don’t speak out to me. This time round, i felt that B1A4’s album cover was both mystical (child-like fantasy image) and mature (black & white) at the same time. And the album cover actually somewhat relates to the MV of their single.

Track List:

1. Intro – In The Wind

2. Tried to Walk

3. If.. (If you were here)

4. I won’t do bad things (narration by Suzy from Miss A)

5. What do you want to do?

6. Be My Girl (Jin Young feat. Jea of BEG)

7. In the Air

8. Tired to Walk (inst.)

Intro – In The Wind

Even though this intro is just a musical one (feat. maybe one of the members’ footsteps?), it feels appropriate for the title ‘In The Wind’ which is also the album title. The guitar harmonics sound and synthesizer creates a very light sound that is a good reflection of how one feels in the wind. The music not only acts as an intro to the whole album but also the next song which is also the single.

Tired to Walk

Continuing from the intro, the song starts off with the sounds of wind and continues with the same guitar sound we heard in the intro before throwing us into their signature strong synthesizer beats. This song slips smoothly from softer sounds to strong beats, weaving in and out to form the overall feel of the song. In this song, we finally get to hear Baro sing and i think most of us get blown away with the sexiness of his voice (like what TOP did to me in Love Song – low voices are just sexy without a doubt). The members tuned their voice and emotions perfectly to suit the song as they use a more frail kind of voice.


MV: Just like the album cover, the colours of the MV has contrasts between the brightly coloured set filled with flowers and the darker tones of the night sky and the snow scene. This is in-sync with the theme of fantasy/dream and reality.


This is a more light-hearted-sounding song compared to the previous track. The simplicity of the sound of the music (created by an ingenious way of blending all the sounds together) allow the boys to shine vocally which they do very well. Baro’s rap comes in at the right time, preventing the song from sounding too repetitive.

I Won’t Do Bad Things

I only wondered about the necessity of Suzy’s narration after I saw that some thought it was unnecessary. However, on a closer listen, I won’t say that it was totally useless. It was used as an intro and allowed the building up of the first verse. It probably also functioned as a transition between the previous track and this track. In this track we get to hear Baro singing again and I could really get used to It. The sound of this song leans towards a bit of old school mixed with reggae and jazz. It’s just the kind of music to laze around to.

What do you want to do?

The beats pick up just a little in this song but still has that bit of off-beat jazz feel. The guys portray a kind of sexy confident feel as the words roll of their tongues into my headphones. Jin Young’s rougher voice probably does sexy best here. The harmonisation of Baro and narrator Shina-e added a nice touch time the song and creates a nice pause in the song.

Be my girl

The next track is a solo by Jin Young where he shows off his newly acquire and improved skill of falsettos where CNU was better at the last time. And when we talk about falsettos there is probably no better person than BEG’s Jea. Though my bias lies with Jin Young. This song probably didn’t appeal to me as much as I would have liked to.

In the air

The last sing song of the album, the boys turn it up a notch after all that lazing around in the middle. This song is wavering between wanting to be a party song yet trying to keep that light feel we heard in the previous tracks. Because it can’t make up it’s mind, i felt that it wasn’t the smoothest arrangement. I would have to place this track as my least favourite only because the rest are so good.

With that, the promotions have ended and we are left with a great memory of B1A4’s new image – of a more mature and sophisticated feel and music. I never had a thing for cutsy, and since i wanted to like B1A4, i’m glad they took a step out of that. This album was definitely just ‘In The Wind’ but firmly grounded in the music charts and fans’ hearts.


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