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SM: To the beautiful you

Finally, Korea has their own remake of the ultra famous manga ‘Hana-Kimi’ after both Taiwan and Japan attempted the same thing. For one, I love the manga (or the storyline) quite a bit and have watched previous remakes and have read the actual manga.

Hearing that it was going to be an SM thing did little to shake my excitement of a new remake but did leave me a bit worried. It only make it worst for me when it was announced that Shinee’s Minho and f(x)’s Sulli were to play the lead roles. Having watched one episode of Minho’s past drama, I won’t say I was a big fan of his acting. The guy has been called ‘just-a-pretty-face’ more often than not, and I had thought so too. Sulli had the same status as Minho and I wasn’t a big fan of hers either. The only relief was found in the fact that real actors would also be acting in the show, playing supporting roles. And we know how having good supporting roles can make the show better.

The first two episodes had the 2 leads still feel a little awkward, however, the supporting cast helped improve the overall feel of the show and I could manage to continue watching without too much difficulty. After the first two episodes, Minho and Sulli seemed to settle nicely into their characters and i say myself starting to actually looking forward to the airing of the show every week. I have to say that, it was a large improvement on Minho’s part and Sulli is decent enough (watchable) for a first timer. (which is more than I can say for a certain SNSD member)

The show itself was definitely better than expected. Before the show aired, SM mentioned that they might not follow the original plot as closely, making me worry about the outcome of that. However, it looks like it was close enough. Even though it was said that the homo theme wasn’t going to be portrayed too explicitly, it didn’t feel as though they totally ran away from it. Though the school doctor’s homosexuality wasn’t laid out in the open like in the original plot, the hints were more than enough to underline that.

Nevertheless, there certainly were one or two holes (or questionablity) in the plot. Like the part where her senior’s uncle actually tried to attack Sulli or Goo Tae Hee, there wasn’t any explanation after that. That plot hole was certainly big enough to leave a mark and l guess the only thing stopping me from complaining about it is that I just want to see the progress between the leads (sorry for being shallow).

SM certainly chose a good show to remake in order to showcase Minho and Sulli. Not only is it easier for them to relate to their characters, it certainly has to be Minho (talking about among idols) if you talk about being able to film full body shots of high jumping and of course being good looking. And frankly speaking, it’s not like they have to act like a totally different person because I’m sure they could bring over some of their original character into their on-screen character.

Having watched previous remakes and being familiar with the original plot is pretty much a double-edge sword. Because I know the plot, I may be more forgiving of this remake as I subconsciously explain to myself any loopholes, at the same time, I can easily point out the changes in the plot and can do a comparison.

I guess I don’t expect perfect portrayal, especially not from idols. However, as long as their acting is decent, I usually close one eye and just enjoy the show if the plot is good.

On a side note, I love the theme song sung by j-min. I’m glad that she finally got her name out into the Kpop industry, because I only know her as a jpop artiste.


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