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BoA: “brings the (SM) boys out” with ‘Only One’

So the day before yesterday, i got sick of studying and decided to sneak a peak into the live performances of BoA’s ‘Only One’ on Korea music stations on a whim. To my delight, i was reminded that there was a ‘couple’ dance (or lyrical hip hop) in BoA’s choreography this time. Turns out, BoA had her turn with all the famous male idol dancers in SM. (Lucky her!) While being mildly obsessed, i watched every single one of her live performances of ‘Only One’.

Act 1:

BoA & Yunho

Act 2:

BoA & Eun Hyuk

Act 3:

BoA & Tae Min

Act 4:

BoA & Se Hun

Act 5:

BoA & Luhan

I didn’t really pay attention to Exo’s boys as they still had a long way to go before they could be comparable to the other 3 more experienced guys.

1. Chemistry

Yunho was a tad too awkward for my liking, thinking back, he was also more of a solo dancer. Rather, he stood out like that. At the same time, he was probably a bit too tall for Boa.

Taemin felt like a pretty normal dance partner. Basically, they had chemistry in terms of dance and his height was just right.

In terms of chemistry, I’ll have to say Eun Hyuk really blew the minds of fans to bits with his perfect ‘lover’ eyes. ‘what the hell did I just watch!!. The look he gave her was enough to light the stage on fire.

2. Dance

I know Yunho is a really good dancer, but it didn’t feel like he was fitting for this stage. The part where he had to get up from the stage floor felt a bit shaky compared to that of Eun hyuk’s or Taemin’s.

Eun hyuk and Taemin felt more sleek, especially the part where they had to get off the stage ground in one motion.

BoA mentioned somewhere that she felt awkward with Eun Hyuk and I can totally understand why, but who can blame fans for loving it as fan service! She also mentioned that she feels more comfortable with Taemin, I guess brotherly love is fine for her.

All in all, it was really fun just watching them dance, not to mention addictive. I don’t recommend watching it of you have piles of work waiting for you, like me 😦


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