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Suju: ‘Mr Simple’ turned ‘Spy’

After the release of their recently (pretty epic failure of an) album a.k.a ‘Sexy, Free & Single’, it is o’-so-typical of Suju (or SM) to release a repackaged album by adding a couple of new tracks to the original track list (or so) and sell it to the unsuspecting (i’m sure they all walked into the trap knowingly though) loyal E.L.F. After this 6th album, Suju has literally entered a new level of ‘idol’ – one that just survives on the loyalty of their fans – without needing to actually produce substantial music (though some attempts have been successive in the form of one or two decent/good songs out of 10? in the album)

After watching the MV, i’m not sure if i should scream first, sigh first, or just run away totally. Suju’s songs have taken a new kind of twist and approach to music that sometimes it’s just amazingly difficult to determine where the verse ends or where the chorus begins. Assuming that the the verse starts at Donghae, i thought it totally make me dislike (or not like at all) the song right from the get-go. Border-lining cheesy and ridiculous-ness, the verse tries to act cute and fails horribly. It’s like someone remixed a horror track with a kid’s song. After that horrendous excuse of a verse, the chorus with the spy music is actually decent though maybe reminiscent of SNSD’s ‘Hoot’.Though ‘i got you a little run away’ leaves my ‘English-Aunt’ horrified. In replace of a chant, they had to make beautiful-voiced Kyu Hyun do that rubbish super-low voice part (which doesn’t even sound good nor has any relevance) which is totally a waste of his talent. Not to mention that even Yesung’s singing skills can’t save this song.

The SPY concept is like bringing what was left of Siwon-the-spy in ‘Hoot’ into Suju and then show us his colleagues. I’m really quite ok with that, except, the MV’s play on the spy theme was like too much wasabi on a sushi. The Spy overpowers the MV. I get it.


Shesh, there’s no need to shoot a million bullets into my eyes because they aren’t going to turn into cupid bullets anyway.

Besides the overall horrifying experience, i have to say that Suju’s only saving factor has got to be their choreography as a group of 9 and Eun Hyuk’s charisma as a solid dancer. I guess that department won’t go wrong because i’m sure Eun Hyuk would protest.

Let’s not even go into the MV set-up because we know how it’s going to end.

I’m afraid but ‘anticiapting’ (in a bad way), Suju’s next release. I think most of us are really curious as to how far they can go with this standard and if they would change for the better with the next release. Fans can only cross their fingers and pray.


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