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Nu’est: ‘Not Over You’

Nu’est, one of the rookie boy groups of the year 2012 that is probably in the running for this year’s rookie award. Their follow-up track after ‘Action’ is ;Not Over You’ : Action!

The boys undergo a 180 degrees change in terms of musicality and style in this song as they change to sweet teenagers roaming the streets and strolling in meadows as compared to the darker image of ‘Action’. This is the first we’ve seen the guys in such… normal clothing. They look no different from any other Korean guy out there (except for Ren), and the guys can finally smile in their own MV.

Basically, the MV isn’t anything complicated, consisting mainly of  self-cameras and happy times strolling the streets, cycling and playing with a dog. It’s all really kind of a fan service MV. The MV doesn’t show any part of the choreography which we only get to see in their live performances:

The song itself is pretty normal, with a hint of guitar blended into electronic sounds and a mid-tempo beat. The melody is soothing and has a nice rhythm to it. The rap too, fits in perfectly in it’s place, gliding into the melody and out without anyone noticing, making the flow of the song very smooth all in all.

This kind of ‘happy’ song is what every boy band has to go through at one point of their musical career, the only consideration is probably timing. After releasing two dance songs and a near-ballad one, this song comes at an apt time in their rookie year.

With both Nu’est and B.A.P releasing song after song, it makes me wonder what Exo-K (or SM) is doing…



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