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EvoL: says ‘We are a bit different’

I say: ‘Let’s see how different’

Apparently, Cho PD has already promised our money back if we don’t like them. I’m hoping that we won’t need to face that bad situation.

I must say the song can be said to really be modeled after english-styled songs and the english intro further emphazised that. Nevertheless, the song was a pretty strong if not slightly generic one for a rookie group, no doubt bringing them to a higher level than some other rookies.

The song rides along the hip-hop/club-song musical wave (though i’d only say hip-hop because this group is being promoted as one even though it might be a bit of a stretch to call this hip-hop). Ignoring the ‘hip-hop’ aspect of this song, the song makes use of a few pretty common electronic sounds we hear all too often in english and korean songs alike. However, the girls added a bit of their flavour by spicing it up with some ‘ahh yeaah oooh’ vocals and of course the melody of the song itself. The strong beats are uncomplicated but sufficiently compliments the rest of the music while providing a firm foundation for the song. The smooth flowing melody counteracts the more staccato electronic beats blending everything together in a nice mix. The song is definitely a catchy one on top of all that.

I have to say the MV was pretty much a successful one. The visuals were nicely done, making the whole MV more feminine with the neon and pinkish colours while keeping the hip-hop and spunk element of the group. The girls are look different in their own way making it amazingly simple to distinguish the girls (absolutely essential). Though the MV doesn’t have any plot, but rather just showcases the girls’ entertaining value, it certainly made me liked all of them. The girls were fierce but sexy at the same time in their outfits and the way they portrayed themselves, i must say that, that will probably be one of their key selling points if we are talking about winning female fans too (is it already too obvious how much i dig this group?). If i really had to choose, there’s just something about a girl full of spunk in a leather suit waving a huge flag around. Might i say how those ‘trash-bag-material’ outfits can come close to a cheap look if not pulled off well.

The choreography is decent though i think the girls themselves really distracted me from the dance. With girls like these, i don’t think the choreography matters that much as long as it ain’t trash, i won’t be complaining anytime soon.

There’s no doubt that this group would get compared to a group as famous as 2NE1 especially if they take this musical route. Hell, every other girl group that comes even close to this concept would probably be compared to 2NE1. However, i would probably like to see a showdown between them and D-Unit. Why involve the big guys in a rookies’ fight. At the same time, the girls can be commended for being quite active in the producing of their album and the choreography of their songs. It’s good to see some idols attempt to write their own music rather than just take someone else’s and call it their own.


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