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ChAOS: turning into ‘Racer’s

Frankly, I have never heard of this group since I wasn’t active in Kpop music in January when they first debut, and they might not have been popular enough for me to catch a whiff even during my hiatus. With their new release ‘Racer’, I dig around a little to find out more about these charming boys.

Apparently they debuted with ‘She’s Coming’ (which I eventually favored over ‘Racer’) promoting as a band of funk-pop music. The song was pretty good and they were all charming before agyeo though they probably didn’t receive as much hype as some other rookies.

When i got around to listening to ‘Racer’, the song sounded really disorientated and ‘messy’ is probably the word I would use. If I wanted to be positive, I could probably say the song is really unique. I’m sure the random and sudden ups and downs were done to portray the emotions of the song, but I don’t think it really worked for me. It might be one those songs u either can appreciate or just can’t.

The rap at the beginning felt disconnected from the talking part in the intro and the singing didn’t fit into the music where the rap left off. Compared to their smoothly arranged debut song, this new release paled in comparison in terms of smooth listening.

The MV, on the other hand, was rather nice to watch. The first thing that struck me when the first member appeared was the resemblance to Teen Top’s ‘To You’. The MV was a rather nice watch. The way they played with colours in the form of paint against the darker tones were nicely done. In fact, how they incorporate the paint was interesting: knocking a bike into a can of paint; trashing your guitar on blue (not the guitar!), etc…

Though the dance moves weren’t that original, luckily, the boys themselves have enough charm to charm their way out of a too-complex dance choreography.

Even though the song didn’t appeal that much to me (not saying it was totally horrible), the boys are what saved it. Their vocals seems to be pretty good too, i just hope they get some better material in the future!


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