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AOA: Angels knocking on ‘Elvis’ door

With the debut of AOA by FNC music, the trend of supernatural rookies continues strong in the world of kpop. Well, it’s more like rookies now create their ‘identity’ through some sort of background plot while the ones in the past identify themselves with their styles; fashionably or musically. I guess it does bring a bit more spice to the otherwise pretty generic kpop music industry, except, in the end, i don’t think i really care too much for which plant they came from or what kind of super powers you have.

On to the band in question.. AOA otherwise known as Ace of Angels. I must applaud the agency for coming up with their logo which when in motion, has the ‘A’s as the wings of the ‘O’ (you have to see it for yourself if you didn’t get that). It totally ignites the part of me that loves graphic designs. However, the concept of the band has me questioning the agency responsible for the part i liked.

Basically, there are 8 girls in total. At the same time, the band has 2 sub-units right from the get-go. Black being the band (5 members) and White being the dance group (7 members). Our 8th members comes in the form of a half-angel (really?) and we find out from the MV that she (You-Kyung) does not dance with the rest of the girls and only serves in the band sub-unit as the drummer. In the MV, she appears last and sort of collapses on the floor (maybe because she is a half-angel so she is more unstable?). On the other hand, 3 out of the 7 who belongs to the White sub-unit do not participate in the band.

Though the concept of Angels doesn’t particularly wow me, i must admit that the entering of the first angel was pretty cool. (hmm… armageddon style) The MV didn’t really have much of a plot, unless you call angels falling from the sky and turning into a girl group… a plot, then so be it. The MV basically serves the purpose of showcasing both the dance and band sub-unit. Usually, i like live bands more, but i have to say, the choreography was off the charts. More than the individual movements, i really enjoyed the play of layout as the girls move from a circle formation to a two-group formation and what-nots. It’s all very interesting to watch compared to the more usual V formations we see commonly in 7-members bands.

The song itself is considered catchy (even though most of it aren’t even in proper words). My only problem was the lyrics. I get that you need those ‘sound words’ to have that certain impact, but it makes me stupid. As if i couldn’t understand proper words and it all sounds very machine-like to me which has absolutely nothing to do with Elvis. Seriously, too many ‘bang bang, boom boom, ha-ha’ for my liking. I mean no matter how catchy the song is, i won’t be caught singing ‘tong clak tong clak’.

And the only thing they did to link to Elvis besides singing his name, was having similar-styled outfits. What effort!

Considering FNC music brought us that much variety in the form of FT island and CN Blue, it was only a matter of time before they produced a girl rock band. And now, we have one. The problem lies with it not being a band-band but a sub-unit of a group. I admit it’s pretty intriguing and does a good job of gaining my attention, but i’m really not sure how all this will turn out. It seems like FNC may be trying to take a bigger bite than they can chew because it this band/dance group business seems to be more complicated. I have a lot of ‘how’ questions unanswered, and only time will tell. So far, except for the lyrics, this girl group is seems to have that something special we haven’t seen in any groups yet. I’m nervous and excited at the same time to see how it will all play out.

On a side note: that rapper with colourful hair looks like she could give Hyuna a little competition in that sexy+spunky+rapper position.


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