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D-Unit: debuts with ‘I’m missing you’

One of the anticipated hip-hop girl groups of this year has finally hit the stage as they release their first track and MV titled ‘I’m missing you’.

The groups consists of 3 members Wooram (T-ara’s Boram’s sister), Ujin and Soojin. As announced earlier on that this groups wants to follow a hip-hop style and concept in terms of fashion and music. But did they? Granted, the song was a pretty great one for a debut, which may put them near the status of SPICA, calling it hip-hop is a bit of a stretch. But then again, this is kpop we’re talking about.

The MV has a more edgy concept with the whole MV shot in darker tones, including the girls’ all-black fashion with the only colour in their hair. The MV wasn’t bad per say, it just wan’t unique or original enough. The tunnel shots were nice at first, but they got pretty boring later on. Thankfully, they then decided to switch to some dancing which is always nice to watch. Nevertheless, the MV did it’s job if it was set about for us to identify the girls -the hair helped too. As much as Wooram tried to look edgy and punkish, she can’t hide her cute-ness (though the poor girl looks like she was drowning in that white over-sized shirt) Watching the MV while listening to the song can’t help but reminds me of 2NE1. Maybe it’s the blonde hair and sunglasses even in the dark.

The song uses electronic music and even the auto-tuned parts reminds me of 2NE1’s songs. But before anyone throws a knife at me, i have to admit the song is way beyond a rookie, and D-Business definitely deserves some credit for giving them such a great debut song. The phrase ‘I’m missing you’ is, i must admit, pretty addictive. The only problem probably lies with the abrupt ending that felt just too anti-climaxed for an ending.

D-Unit has shown potential in terms of their debut song and charisma. Even though trios never seem to work out most of the time in kpop world, it looks like these girls might just be the one to break that trend.


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