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Teen Top: asks us to be their girls

Teen Top is back with their latest single ‘Be Ma Girl’ after promotions of ‘To You’ recently ended.

‘Be Ma Girl’ doesn’t seem to be as catchy and addictive as ‘To You’ on first listen. Not that it became more catchy after the second one either. The song combines a mix of clubbing music, electronic music and funky bass music.. and is that a hint of dub-step i hear? Compared to ‘To You’, this song loses by a mile in terms of harmony between vocal melody and music. The music and vocals seems to be of different worlds but forced to mash together because there was a call for a new Teen Top song. Even though ‘To You’ reminded me very much of ‘Alone’ by Sistar, it at least had charm. This song seems to be too messy and complicated for it’s own good. Complexity can work when they blend together forming one entity. Frankly speaking, i can’t make out the point of this song. I’d admit that long listens will eventually my ears to naturally pick out the right stuff and soon the song will sound at least decent, but i can’t deny the first few listens.

As if the song wasn’t messy enough, the MV doesn’t help that it tries to suit the pace of the song. As scenes hop from one to another, i’m left with blur flashes of bright colours which makes me thing ‘what the hell did i just watch?’. As if the clothes and their hair colours weren’t flashy enough, the backgrounds were literally flashing and then some with more colours. Let me get this straight, i love their outifts -well, not love- but they bring out the youth in them. But didn’t anyone bother to tell the producer that colours ON colours is… just colours?

The only savior of the MV has got to be it’s choreography. Teen Top once again showed some energetic dancing and i appreciate that, if only i could see it properly. I sometimes catch myself squinting to try to focus on other stuff besides the colours, as if squinting would block out some of the colours.

I definitely prefer ‘To You’ over ‘Be Ma Girl’. Brave brothers proved that they can’t produce all the hits, can they? Thanks for reminding me that it was your third collaboration… now i have someone else to blame.


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