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C-Clown: is not a ‘Solo’ artiste.

Having seen these boys in the flesh by chance, i can vouch for their good looks, these guys really look like anime characters, especially in those clothes. So here i am, out to check out what else they have besides they amazing features.

The first thing i have to comment about the MV would be the smart move of using their debut MV to help viewers recognize the boys by name. The producer has obviously taken into account how important it is because it certainly makes it a step easier to be their fan if you can more easily recognize who from who. Not all debut MVs have that, but when they do, it helps a lot.

The overall effect of the MV is pretty dark as darker tones were used. The boys had the usual 3 dance sets with the usual solo shots at different locations. The locations were pretty interesting, especially the one in the sewage (if i’m not wrong) with a rainbow effect on the wall. It was pretty unique, though the boys looked like they could use more dancing space. What i didn’t get was the girl, or was she suppose to be the clown, but didn’t we have the clown doll? Now, i’m confused. Later on i realised that they were in prison or something and had escaped, as seen in their prison uniform. Which leads me to guess that the solo shots were depicting the pre-prison and probably were the causes of going to prison.  I’m not sure if i should even be bothered by all that, because the explosion Ray (see, i already know their names) had and the skateboarding thing Maru had was kind of a stretch. I’m thinking, this MV is really just about introducing the boys and of course the choreography.

The choreography, from what i could see, was decent enough. I’m really no dance expert, so dances are usually just bad, decent and great. But anyone who can dance that kind of choreography and sing at the same time is good enough.

The song itself is not the most original and borders along the style of Dalmatian’s E.R and Mblaq (if we’re talking about more recent songs) though definitely not as powerful as either. The music arrangement is clean and we get no auto-tune for a debut song (Hooray for that). Which is more than enough for me to keep them on my kpop radar, though i have to say that the song lacks a climax or a hook and was pretty mellow throughout. The rap was pretty good for a rookie group and rapper leaders seem to be the trend.

The boys don’t exactly have the most powerful vocals, and none really stand out in terms of vocal skills at this point of time. However, at least none of them suck and they all have potential. The most stable member would be their leader and rapper as he dishes out a solid rap. Even in the song itself, it has to be one of the highest build-up of the song.

All in all, it looks like this year’s rookie award seems to lean in the favour of the boy bands as there doesn’t seem to be an end to super rookies in the form of boy bands.


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