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The Hard Truth: Why Boy Bands Are Better

The Kpop music industry has no shortage of either girl or boy band groups. Even more so, after this year’s wave of rookie debuts. Even though I’m not exactly sure about the economical benefits of either gender’s group -whether a boy group or a girl group earns more- it seems that forming a boy band might be more ‘practical’.

First off, fans are normally made up of girls. Let’s face it, boys don’t really have the time to chase idols when they are busy playing computer games or sports. Sure, girl groups have male fans, but they usually come in the form of older ahjussi fans and these older fans may have the resources to support their favorites by buying their CDs or official goods. However, it is expected that younger fans will have more time to go for fan signs, fan meetings and are more likely to be updated on the merchandise and schedule of their idol so that they can support them. What are the chances of seeing an older fan queuing in the hot sun to meet their favorite idol. Girl groups will definitely have female fans, but compared to boy groups, the amount is far less. It is with this thought that has led me to think that boy bands will usually have more fans(?).

The next argument has to be teamwork. Following the recent T-ara scandal, many believed that bullying took place within the team. Professionals also questioned their teamwork. Frankly speaking, I won’t be surprised if that was really the case. Girls are naturally more sensitive, more emotional and easily jealous. In a world like Kpop, where one member can easily be more popular than the others, it is easy for the other members to detest that more popular member. In this case, girls become the more likely target as they jealous easily due to their want to be more popular than others. Which girl doesn’t like to be liked. (speaking from a girls’ point of view) Evidence has also shown that bullying in the form of girls has occurred more frequently in places like Korea. And we seldom hear about boy bands having cooperation problems. Let’s face it, guys get along more easily than girls. Girls tend to not say everything they think while guys are more straight forward, preventing any misunderstanding. With the fact that a girl group is harder to ‘look after’, isn’t creating a boy band ‘safer’?

And that is, sadly, why the longest running music group is Shinhwa, not a girl group.

I may not be totally correct regarding this, and you may then say why do companies form girl groups. It’s simply a business thing where you got to have variety. How can a company sell only one product. Not to mention that there any many product advertisements girls can do whereas boy groups cannot. This post is merely a simplistic point of view, for it would be too complicated to factor in other issues that I may also not have access to.

What do you think?


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