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GLAM: shows us how to ‘Party (XXO)’

Maybe because it’s the summer heat, but it seems every new girl band seems to debut with similar outfits. Colourful and sporty style makes them all too similiar. And GLAM is no exception.

So the girls are these mystical fantasy creatures that shot out from a shiny purple rock an astronaut picked up.

I was really caught on the first verse, the rap(?) was decent (at least not some cute agyeo ****) and the girls who did the rapping had spunk.However, the chorus didn’t felt like it had a climax, neither did the pre-chorus do anything to help the chorus. The whole song was reminiscent of American pop, some Katy Perry perhaps? 

I finally remember what this group reminds me of…  the old english band called Aqua. In case you think you don’t know them, for english musc listeners, just remember ‘i’m a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie World’. Not  just their musc, but the whole MV concept could be trace back (slightly) to Aqua. The ailen concept and unexplained scenarios. i’m talking about the girl riding in a floating bicycle among ballons (someone called E.T?) and when people start floating in mid air with shiny stuff coming out of their chest… You get my drift.

Frankly speaking, the song is not bad. However, i have to say that this girl group is one of those where i don’t really like them nor hate them. I’m not sure if it’s that good or bad, because that makes them jus t a bit more forgettable. Even though, their live singing skills are pretty good, i have to say that that is pretty much a given if any band wants to debut in the kpop music scene with any hope of success.

In their defense, these girls looks like they have character, and for that, we need to see them interacting with other people.


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