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BoA: is still the ‘Only One’

The original Kpop Idol, BoA is finally back with ‘Only One’.

Boa has always been widely known for her skills both as a dancer and a vocalist, and she once again proves us right with her latest dance version MV of ‘Only One’.  Boa is definitely the ‘Only One’ who can have choreographers be her back-up dancers. After all, she’s probably the ‘Only One’ who could still stand out as a dancer among choreographers. Her fluid and strong movements, yet with a feminine touch is her forte as seen in ‘Eien’, ‘Eat you up’ and previous works. Back-uped by the likes of well-known choreographers, the dance style leans towards lyrical Hip Hop (made popular by NappyTabs, who also had a hand in this song’s choreography) which goes hand-in-hand with Boa’s own mid-tempo ballad dance style. And Boa dances as if lyrical hip hop was made for her, as she conveys the emotion of the song all in her dance.

The only issue i had (for selfish reasons, really) was of Boa’s solo shots. As much as i love girl, they were getting in the way of the full choreography and i can’t help but to feel unsatisfied for not being able to see the whole choreography in the MV. If you were going to make it a dance version, please do it so i can see the full choreography. Some idols may need distractions for dance ver. MVs like close-up shots, but not Boa.

The drama version, on the other hand, was a pretty dull watch compared to the dance version. (the lighting effect didn’t help either) Frankly speaking, it’s difficult just to get by the first watch. Though i know that the MV will probably make more sense with english subtitles, i really can’t bring myself to watch it a second time when i already get the drift of the message of the MV with a lot of help from my inferring skills.

We see her playing with a ring at the beginning, pondering if she should put it on, which she does, on her ring finger. I can roughly guess that it’s a fake…. and we pretty much know where this is going to go. She meets Yoo Ah In, who at first i find familiar but don’t recognize because i didn’t watch him in Fashion King), whom i guess is the target of her lie. I’m pretty much proven right as we see her struggling while he starts to relax, probably after believing her lie. And so the story goes like this: girl wants guy to think she’s married so it wouldn’t be awkward, but deep down she still wants to be with him because he is the ‘Only One’. But boy, obviously, falls for the lie and doesn’t feel burdened, afraid of hurting her feelings if he told her he had someone else already. Yea well, you get it. I’m not going to force myself to summarize the whole thing when you can see it for yourself.

Either way, the bubbles thing was weird, fake and totally unnecessary. And to the producer: haven’t your teacher ever said that the worst story lines are those that end with it was a dream/imagination‘.

The song itself is a reminiscent of ‘Eien’, starting with a piano riff and being a mid-tempo ballad. Nevertheless, if Boa is the one doing it, i can’t really complain because she does it good like this (she even wrote and composed it). Though i’m reminded of ‘Eien’, both songs differentiate themselves with a different storyline and different choreography.

Speaking about Boa, i just want to rant a bit:

Boa occupies a whole different level in the kpop music world. If you’ve followed her (like i have) since her earlier works, you should know that Boa started her career at a very young age of 12 meaning she probably started training from an even younger age. That also means that she probably doesn’t know very much about anything outside of her career. She lives and breathes music, dance, the life of a superstar (i don’t even know if she belongs under the category of idol to me), when people her age started debuting, she was already their senior of many years. Sometimes i envy how amazing her skills are, but sometimes i wonder about her life behind the scenes. Because she has lived her whole life under SM, she probably doesn’t know what normal life is (unlike other idols) and so she can’t miss it (because they say ignorance is bliss), she’s probably the most happy idol…. is what i think. Boa, will forever occupy a special place in my heart for kpop idols.



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