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Crayon Pop: is not going to be in my ‘Saturday Night’

So… i was trying to review Tahiti’s ‘Tonight’ but i kind of gave up. (I’m not saying their bad or good, i just don’t have much to say.) Since i’ve been seeing a lot of promotional videos of Crayon Pop in Korea in train stations and shopping areas, i thought i would give them a shot.

Frankly speaking, Crayon Pop isn’t much better than Tahiti. The MV was weird (unique if you’d like) and was pretty boring considering there was so much (too much) going on.

The superpower, magical, hypersonic thing one of the members did at the beginning was Just. Ultra. Lame. Even i wanted to dig a hole and hide in it. When it changed scene to the girls dancing in a rather narrow room, dancing in a narrow way, i didn’t know what to say. The video made use of the continuous shot where the girls slide in and out of frame. I usually like this technique, however, in this case, the background was too messy for it to be fully appreciated.  The colours of the MV was all very reminiscent of GLAM’s MV though GLAM did a better job. I also thought that ‘dance break’ was pretty uncalled for if it wasn’t the girls dancing. Then i was told it was just for the MV… Was there even any reason to add that in?

The choreography (or lack of) wasn’t much. It didn’t make it better when the girls weren’t at least pretending to have bubbly energy. The ‘boxing’ move was weak in the wrist and looked like a silly dance. If GLAM’s MV was weird in a nice way, this MV is the exact opposite.

The song didn’t help any much as i’m getting too old for dub-step disco version #145. The worst thing was, the song sounded cheap. In my country, during festivals, it’s common to hear similar kind of songs being played while girls wearing too-much-bling danced along to the same kind of music. It’s like retro but not there yet. Please get a clue.

In the first half of the year, most of the rookies had it going for them. Just when i thought it was going to be a great rookie year for the girl groups, it looks like it might go down hill from here with a few exceptions (hopefully).


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