The life of a ‘stalker’ fan.

If the life of a Kpop idol rates 10/10 in difficulty, then the stalker fan rates 1/4 of that (including ampunt of money spent).

Today, I embarked on the one-day journey of a B2ST/BEAST Korean fan (with as much Korean as I can speak) for SBS Inkigayo.

I woke up at 5.15, dressed up and headed to Sinchon train station for and made the second train of the day, because I didn’t know exactly what time was the first train (first mistake – go as early as possible). You know you’re on the right track when you suddenly see a more-than-usual number of young girls waiting for the same train as you. They come in all different shapes and colours (and lots of make-up for a young girl). That’s when the race starts.

Being a first-timer and maybe just not as big of a fan COMPARED to them, I didn’t run out of the train as soon as the doors opened and neither did I want to run up the escalator (second mistake, if you are planning to queue for a band with a large fan base). Just follow the horde of girls and you will find yourself face to face with a million (this can happen) other fans that may or may not be aiming for the same band’s pre-recording, that’s when you start to panic because you realise the race started while you were busy tying your shoelaces.

Queue’s all over the place, all BEAST fans.

I quickly check to make sure I queue for the right band (which turns out to be the longest at that time because of B2ST’s pre-recording time of 11am (and 6am is considered a late time to show up…). The queue continues way way behind me as we slowly take turns to write our names down on The List (that will determine your whole fate today – The List also known as 먕단 myeong dan is really just your order number so that they can categorize you and such.) And when I say slow, I mean like turtle slow. So slow, you wonder if your watch is spoilt.

Soon, I’m pretty sure I won’t get into either the pre-recording or the live broadcast because I came too late and I didn’t fulfill the criteria to be of first priority (this defers with bands, for example some may just require you to bring the latest cd while to be qualified as first priority, you need the band slogan, light stickand cd.) Thankfully, the fan meeting is opened to all and your number becomes the determinant of how near you get to sit from the band.

20120731-142132.jpg ‘7/29 Inkigayo’ 

The ‘3’ actually means 3rd priority because i’ve only got the album to show.

Being eliminated from the lucky group of people who get to watch the pre-recording, these fans become roam-ers (or sweepers) as they roam about aimlessly trying to pass the time. The unlucky, or lucky target would be the only Super Mart just opposite SBS building, or any cafe nearby. And you do the most tiring thing ever… Wait. Wait, wait and wait. (if you are going alone, be aure to tey to make friends) This not only requires mental strength, but physical one because you’ve been queuing (standing) since 6am or earlier with the hot sun beating on you of you come during summer. I can’t decide if winter would be better. Either way, in layman terms, it sucks big time. All around the Mart you see groups of girls sitting on floors, and basically any sit-able furniture they can find, it’s absolutely amusing. It’s almost like a refugee camp.

After waiting for ages, we finally walk to this nearby park where the fan meeting was going to take place. Although we were suppose to gather there at 3, as expected, half of the fans present in the morning were already there. Refugee camp 2. Even though we were suppose to start at 4, it took ages for them to rearrange us according to our numbers and then we had to wait another half hour for the members to arrive. The fan meeting started at 5. But the most amusing things about it were the fans really.

Suddenly I heard a group of them scream altogether, at first I thought it was an insect on the floor or something like that, but then I realised, they were all streaming Inkigayo on their phones and it was B2ST’s turn and merely doing a fangirl thing, except it was a collective one. Slowly, more and more screams could be heard, and when you know what’s happening, it becomes quite an amusing scene. Sitting within the crowd, you can hear a lag between their hand phone streaming as some people have faster 3G I guess. It’s almost like a canon. And this too occurs with the fangirling.

The next thing is pretty common if you’ve been to concerts where fans are so excited that just seeing a group of man walking towards us, calls for an echo of fangirl screams. And when they realise they’re wrong, there’s an almost simultaneous sigh of frustration across the crowd. Hahaha. This occurs with any van too.

Finally, a black idol van appears from behind the trees and everyone knows that this is the right one, and the screaming starts. It’s amazing how seconds before, everyone is complaining about being too hot and fanning (no pun intended) away, the moment the idols step into sight, those worries are all blown away. Cameras starts to pop up, though I think their screaming and waving destroys the whole video quality, only giving its future viewers a headache, also what we know as fancam.

After the event, everyone moves off, either to try to run after the boys in their van or just leave the venue. Obviously the aftermath isn’t that pretty, but it could be worst. With everyone still high on idol power, a little scream is enough to set us off on a wasted chase, which we realized actually belonged to a fan from another fan club with their idols. Though I heard the name of that group, I don’t really remember but boy, were they good looking. (i just found out they were C-Clown, wow, really good looking people).

Time to go home~

Well, that’s pretty much what happened today, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me. However, I’ve only tried Inkigayo so I’m not sure about the rest, you can try googling ‘how to get into korean music stations’ for more info.

All photos by Yours Truly, Please Credit.

Kikwang’s Choco Abs

Dongwoon can’t show his abs so he says he will show his arms. 

Yoseobie addressing the fans

Doojoon sticking out his tongue. Naughty naughty


6 comments on “The life of a ‘stalker’ fan.

  1. Reblogged this on Fan Actuel and commented:
    Dwyj raconte son 1er essai pour assister à une rencontre avec un groupe de K-pop. L’attente semble pire qu’à un concert de Mylène Farmer.

  2. I knew K-pop fans were dedicated, if not obsessive, but I had no idea that so many of them went to those extremes. Thanks for the report!

  3. No, I’m in Europe, and I meant I’ve queued for European or US artists. My blog is about fan behavior and the artists’ interaction with them in general.
    I read your article to see how it went for K-pop in their country. They’re becoming to be popular here, and their fans do tend to queue early for the shows from what I know (early morning). But the crowds are not as big as in your report!

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