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BEAST: gives us a ‘Beautiful Night’

First off, I have to apologize for being inactive for about a week now. I had a camp outside of my laptop and though I tried to keep updated on Kpop affairs, they proved to be a bit out of reach. Now that I’m back, the first thing I want to write about is none other than my major favorite band BEAST.

The boys had their huge break after ‘Shock’ and with the release of ‘Fiction’ they certainly stepped up onto a new level of stardom. After about a year since ‘Fiction’ (and doing their beautiful concert) the boys are finally back with their new title track: ‘Beautiful Night’.

‘Beautiful Night’ is definitely something new for the boys as they dip their toes into electro-pop and auto-tune. Though the bright colored sets and flashy clothing reminds me of Big Bang, the two groups’ music still clearly distinct itself from each other. In ‘Beautiful Night’, even though the main genre we pick up is electro-pop, there is a hint of rock (i’m talking about the chorus), and I really dig that. In the musical genre sense, Beast did what JJ project did in their debut song ‘Bounce’ by combining rock and electro-pop. However, Beast has the upper hand in the music arrangement department. JJ project’s debut song made the two genres into rather distinct parts whereas Beast blended them together. Music and blend can never be bad when they appear in the same sentence.

Another issue I have to address would be the o-mighty auto-tune that works miracles for vocalists without vocal skills. Though I have always looked upon auto-tune with disgust, I can’t say I hate it here. Why? Because it’s not being abused to cover up flaws but used musically. We all know Beast don’t need cover ups in terms of vocal skills. Though thankfully it wasn’t overused because I won’t want to test how much auto-tune I can take.

The concept of the MV is pretty much street style as we see skateboarders and bikers ‘hanging’ around. The boys even have their own street concert and rooftop party with people jumping to the music. It’s all a very fun MV to watch (maybe just because i like the boys enough)

Hairstyles is always an important topic and this time Beast leans towards the blond with 2 out of 6 members having blond hair (though not totally) and Yoseob with orange hair that, amazingly, suits him and just increases his cuteness level. And Doo Joon is too manly to have colorful hair. i didn’t really liked the purple hair on Jun Hyung though, the guy looks better in black. Just Saying. Hyun Seung’s hair mainly revolves reddish colours and it’s a good thing to stick to that if that’s what suits him the best.

I must say I didn’t really see that Beast was going in this direction this time round, because we all know they eventually will. I was pretty surprised when I saw the teaser because after seeing them since debut I didn’t figure they were street style material. Luckily, they fit in perfectly into their new bright colours which they don in this MV rather than the usual darker tones we’ve seen them in in the previous releases.

With this song, Beast has officially delve into a new level of stardom as they continue to climb to the top, hopefully reaching Big Bang status… is what i like to say, but i have to face the music (not music music). So i heard Beast wasn’t the best this time, but well, it’s not that this song is not great. It’s more like people were expecting more, much more than Shock, much more than Fiction. It’s difficult to beat others, but it’s probably more difficult to beat yourself. The truth is, after their overwhelming success and thus stability in the kpop world, the boys are ready to step out of their comfort zone and experiment. Beast has the technical skills, they just need to find the niche they feel comfortable in (though Shock and Fiction might have been it, they probably don’t want to be stagnant musically). What Beast’s problem is, they are probably trying to hard to become like a Big Bang 2. Here, i would like to remind them that, BoA isn’t anything like Big Bang, but that doesn’t stop  her from being at the top.

So i say we give them their well-deserved chance as let them experiment (though not out of hand) away. As long as there’s no crappy music, i’m not complaining.


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