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B.A.P: ‘No Mercy’

The very first thing I have to say after watching the MV and after checking it live is… D.O (Exo-k) needs to get some advice from Dae Hyun on how to do that scream part where they ‘scream’ from one key into another key. I’m sure most would know what I am talking about but if you don’t, I meant ‘Mama’s beginning and B.A.P’s ending part (time: 3.07) respectively. Just when I thought maybe it was quite impossible to pull it off live, Dae Hyun made me eat my words. And i’m glad to do so. I swear they put that part in to taunt Exo-K. *shakes head*

Besides that, the song is very different from your typical Kpop song (more like a masses songand it just goes to show that BAP is telling us to not try to expect something typical and normal every time they have a title track release. This song is a combination of rock, pop-rock and hip hop (and korea’s traditional music), that the boys have been pretty much known for since their debut. I must say that this song almost deviated from the mainstream track. The music was definitely out of this world in a few meanings. Like the only mainstream part was the chorus. I like that B.A.P is so different from other kpop boy bands in a lot of ways, but this song had some flaws if we are talk about following the kpop formula. It mainly being not catchy enough(the boom boom clap doesn’t exactly fall under catchy though it’s probably good with headphones). But if the composer wasn’t trying to follow the kpop formula then i don’t really have a problem with the song. It’s not the most catchy song but it’s definitely something worth experiencing, if not just for being exposed to other types of musical styles.

Talking about styles, this MV probably has the boys in their best clothing yet. We all know how horrid B.A.P’s clothes can be from their previous promotions. I love the more colourful clothing they get like the ones in their promotional posters. It gives off that playful and young feeling and the boys pull it off pretty well. Not to mention that Zelo just looks good with ANY colour in terms of hair. The boy will probably go through every different colour in his career.

The whole MV has three main sets, being the silver aluminum background, the red one and well, the other one. After seeing B.A.P being creative with their previous sets, this MV had a little less creativity injected into the MV. I didn’t really try to analysize the meaning behind the random objects in the MV (including that elephant stuff toy) because they didn’t really feel like a big part of the MV.

I hate to say this, but Dae Hyun feels more amazing than Young Jae. That guy can damn well sing like no one’s business, he doesn’t have the low voice that i love (like Kyu Hyun’s) but his skills and tone is just awesome. Release after release, he’s just shooting down so many other vocalists with his ad libs.

Side notes: the song still incorporates their favourite whistle sound.


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