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Brown Eyed Girls: also knows about ‘A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream’? + ‘Come With Me’

The last music from BEG was truly a masterpiece with the likes of Cleansing Cream and Sixth Sense, and it seems that it would be most difficult to overcome themselves (not that it would stop them from releasing new music). With their new music release, the girls borrows from Shakespeare, as the name of one of their track can be translated to ‘A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream’, one of Shakespeare’s famous works.

The song falls under Jazz andFunk more than Kpop, emphazised by the heavy use of the bass and no electronic music (Miracle!). i’m not exactly a pro in music, but even i can tell how sexy the melody is. I was especially taken by the verses, and Miryo, as usual, does a great job at what she does. However, i’m sure most of us weren’t expecting this,especially after we heard their teaser:

…which was more electronic music plus synthesizer than what we got from ‘A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream’.

The MV is all very sweet as it features what we call, young love. (which we are eventually led to believe that it is Jea’s story). The whole MV tells the love story of a young girl and boy (who are both pretty good-looking). The story is read by Narsha at a cafe as the drawings become a live-action story. We only get to see one other BEG member, Jea, later on as she meets Narsha and pulls over the sketch book as if ‘telling Narsha off’ for reading it.

The title of this song is allvery fitting because the original plot is about love too. The song is all very lovely and kind of reminds me of their old days before they were ‘magical’. I get that they are trying to return to  their roots after establishing their status in the music industry, but they might not be at Big Bang’s stardom level where they can get everyone to simply accept their music style, as sad as it may be.

Come With Me:

This song follows the kpop formula more than the former as it opens with a (somehow always different yet beautiful) piano riff. (Seriously, how do these people come up with a different riff everytime.) And somehow i never get sick of kpop songs of this genre. How can i when they always sound this beautiful, call me shallow but good songs are still good songs. When the vocalists are this good,no one can deny me the song no matter how mainstream it is. (i don’t believe in trying to only want to listen to indie because you feel like you’re special when mainstream can be just as good, there is a reason why it’s called mainstream in the first place, because most people can agree on how good it is).

Compared to their previous album, there’s no doubt that this album is just a bit less attention grabbing, but as long as the band itself has talent, there shouldn’t be any worries of bad music coming from them, so i don’t think there’s anything to worry about. Masterpieces are only called so because they are rare, being able to produce one in your life time should be good enough.

Side Note: I’m glad that Jea is finally going to head into the music producer track, since i saw her featured in Adam Couple’s BEG where they sang (if i didn’t remember wrongly) one of the songs she composed, the time where she became a producer was just waiting to come. As seen in her and Miryo’s past collaboration, and other projects, there is no doubt that both Jea and Miryo are talented in the production area too.


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