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Nu’est: is back in ‘Action’

Nu’est is quickly and swiftly already back with their new title track: ‘Action’. They have not changed their style in terms of concept a lot, so the close back-to-back release makes quite a bit of sense.

I must say i was not ready to see an all too familiar dance move accompanied with similar sounding music that points all to the group : Shinee. And i’m referring to the move where one member is revealed one at a time. Not that the rest of the song had any similarity, thankfully.

The MV had the same dark concept as ‘Face’ except without the pink this time which was replaced by metallic silver. I must say the guys pull of white and metallic very nicely against the darker background. I do appreciate the lack of plot over a slightly cheesy (if not actually meaningful) plot they had in ‘Face’. The guys are entertaining enough to watch without a need for a plot. I especially liked JR’s solo set. His clothes were not only pretty unique and flashy, the setting of him being tied up with strings and symboling a puppet was done pretty nicely. Sadly, the boys only had one dance set with the only change being their clothing.

The choreography was pretty interesting and nice to watch. Though they do seem to fancy those one-members-moves-the-rest-freezes kind of dance move. Their strong and sharp movements really do a lot to make the choreography even better.

The song is pretty catchy and is definitely of good quality in terms of arrangement and style. The intro, though a bit familiar, seemed to be able to transition into the verse pretty smoothly considering that the two styles weren’t exactly the same. The singing in this song was done in an interesting way making it seem like the singing feels more like rhythm than melody, as they emphasized certain syllables, making it more catchy. I can’t help but tap my feet along. The dance break music was a little abrupt but it served as a transition to that higher note/climax. And as usual, Aron’s english rap is something we can look forward to having seem some pretty cool lyrics in ‘Face’.

Many a times i find myself suddenly remembering that they are a rookie group.

Do remember to check out their comeback performances.


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