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Wonder Girls: ‘Like Money’

I must say i wasn’t expecting another english song release from Wonder Girls anytime soon if not at all. However, given that they had already debuted in the US and though it wasn’t a major success, they at least got their name out there. It makes sense that they would continue to release english songs. And who should they collaborate with but Akon. Good choice in making the song more well-known but i’m not sure how much it helps people like the song. At least it didn’t turn out to be a JYJ-Kanye collision of dogs & cats (i’ve no nicer way of putting that horrible collaboration into words).

The song is decent and catchy. It’s pretty much a typical auto-tuned club song that just about a whole list of American artistes churn out. The melody is nice, though i might have preferred if they at least tried to vary the melody and lyrics. It felt like the song was over before it started. All we had was a broken record of the chorus (supposedly, since it acts as the verse too.) and a decent rap part, more chorus, then the end. Right… so that’s suppose to get you to the top? Like what Kyung Joon from Big would say… Uh Oh.

The MV itself had quite a ordinary concept of futuristic robots that seemed too popular with english singers who produced similar sounding auto-tuned music. So the girls look sleek enough as ‘robots’, and Akon is not paid enough to face the camera properly? I forgot to mention that the intro had a nice effect, but it was a tad too long causing me to have to look away after awhile. Oh, and was that JYP i saw ‘creating’ the girls?

Frankly speaking, compared to ‘Like This’, this MV was a bit of a pain to watch. ‘Like This’ made me like them a little more before they did a 180 degree switch to robot girls. It won’t have hurt to let me retain that image of them for a while more.

I was never a huge fan of Wonder Girls even though i was hooked on to ‘Nobody’ at that time, and they ask me why. JYP may be one of the big 3 in the kpop industry, but the things his groups does just don’t seem to me for me. Sure, i don’t mind 2am, JJ Project and Miss A, but it’s not like they won’t easily get replaced.

Nevertheless, the girls deserve some credit for pulling of this song pretty well for a kpop band. And they can’t be blame for the fact that i was already sick of this type of songs which is why i’m into kpop now.


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