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A-Jax: likes to play ‘Hot Game’s

What exactly is a ‘Hot Game’, is the first thing I want to ask. Is it a game that makes you perspire a lot? Does it involve a lot of heat? Well, obviously the boys don’t mean by that kind of hot game as we can see from the MV.

Since their pre-debut days as DSP boys, I’ve only liked their pre-debut release ‘Never let go’. There might not have been anything particularly special about that song but with a proper music arrangement an average song is still nice.

Which is more than I can say for their debut song ‘One 4U’. There wasn’t anything particularly wrong with the song, except that horrible repetition of the could-have-been-great riff.

The MV was pretty visually, the only thing that didn’t appeal to me were the scenes of Nicole and each member supposedly ‘playing the Hot Game’. Even though i quite like Nicole, I don’t think she really suits the role of a seductress, cause in my mind she’s more cute and innocent. And well, it’s not that nice to watch. The colours of the MV were really nice (including the hair colours) and nice to look at. I think there was a balance in the sense that when the guys are in extremely colourful clothing, the set is pure white with details while when the lighting is coloured, the boys are in more uniform colours.

As much as i liked the intro music, i loved the choreography that accompanied it, and of course the rest of it was just as great except that flying action. Bad liner, bad dance move to match. Though i did see an EXO kind of dance move. Taking another leaf out of SM’s book of success i see. And it looks like they will be making use of every Kara member, i’m guessing Gyuri is next

The song itself is definitely more tolerable than One 4 U. My favourite part of the song has got to be the intro. I mean, how cool was that! It was something i’ve never seen or heard in Kpop and i thought this was gonna be ‘it’. That slow sensuous beat making me feel the pull and push of the rhythm which actually gave justice to the (if not slightly laughable) song title, and i was almost sold. And that’s also the problem, it wasn’t ‘it’. When the verse started, i could still feel some anticipation (though not as much love for it compared to the intro), but the starting of the chorus brought it down. OMG! Was that a cheery pop song i caught a whiff off?! Suddenly, it was a Shinee-style electronic pop song. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that… if it was Shinee doing it) In their defense, only the first liner of the chorus was that. the rest of the chorus deviated away from that (thankfully), but that impact of the first liner was enough to blow my mind away in the wrong direction. I thought the rap was pretty out of place too.

What made it worst, was that the outro of the song was the same music that i loved in the intro, only serving to remind me of what could have been. I can’t really remember what to categorize this kind of music style under, but i’ve heard of it and using it in kpop is something quite clever, though it would have better if they stretched it further. The music is definitely a hella of an improvement compared to ‘One 4 u’. And i did actually like the whole song, if only i could cut out the intro and outro to make another song with it because the gist of this song would have just been the same with or without it. Well, but if we think of the intro and outro part as dance breaks put at the ends of the song rather than in the middle, i think it’s pretty neat.


P.S: Here’s another rather popular rookie boy band with nice matching clothing. I seriously think B.A.P needs to change their stylist.


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