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SORT: Songs On Repeat This week (10)


I’ve decided to have a special weekly post where i share what songs i was hooked on in no order.

2 Jun – 8 July:


CHI CHI – Love is energy

Even though a very electronic-music-used song, it has a good arrangement and the phrase ‘Love is energy’ is pretty catchy. The fact that their english was decent makes the song a whole lot better than it may be. Even though the rap parts were auto-tuned, it doesn’t hide the fact that it was good. The voice of the rapper pretty much says it all. Though that music break felt a little out of place, the overall song was still catchy enough to deserve a spot on my song list of repeated songs.


Younha – Run

(review here: http://wp.me/p2nC81-cr)


2NE1 – I Love You

(review here: http://wp.me/p2nC81-d6)


Super Junior – From U

The moment the song started, i was hit but a nostalgic feeling of ‘Sorry Sorry Answer’. Yup it’s definitely the work of our famous Yoo Young Jin SM producer. The fact that their 6th album was pretty much a bomb in all the wrong sense, this song is definitely shined the brightest as a diamond in the pile of granite rocks. I’m sure fans go crazy over this song because it was dedicated to them, but aside from the fan service, the song is great. We all know how Yoo Young Jin recycles this style a lot, but we still love it because it’s great and it works. Like they always say, do what you’re best in. I’m sorry to say but this is probably the only song i can repeat off their latest album.


Well, that’s all folks. Look out for the next sunday’s update of my SORT.

Remember to go to my Recommend Me page if you have any good songs you want to share! Otherwise, you can always comment below. =)

side note: omg i totally forgot to post this even though i drafted it, well, i’ll post it first before i finish about the reviews.


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