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B.A.P: Please don’t say ‘GoodBye’

Being the babyB.A.P fan that i am, i am ever happy to hear of a new song release or a new mini-album from them.

P.S: some articles say it’s their first mini-album, then what do you call the ‘Warrior’ and ‘Power’ album….

This song falls under the genre of rock, and it makes me all the more curious about their new mini-album. In ‘Warrior’, their style felt more more hip hop. Then in ‘Power’, the music transitioned into a rockier feel though the element of hip hop hovered in the air a little. Now, in ‘Goodbye’, it seems like the element of hip hop is almost not there anymore. Instead, there is no doubt that the band has changed it’s musical direction in this song. Well, listeners of their ‘Power’ album would realise that it wasn’t actually an overnight change. In the ‘Power’ album, the song ‘What the hell’ was pretty much a rock song (that i attribute to a Linkin Park influence).

We all know that no matter what, they are a boy band, and one of the criteria for that would be dance (unless it’s a ballad song), so there is now way that B.A.P can totally do rock. How does one dance to a rock song? Therefore, i thought that this way of promotion is a good way to promote their other rockier songs.

The song itself is pretty reminisce of a Younha rock song incorporating plenty of piano to the rock music (without the rap). Maybe Yong Guk has been hanging around her too much on her radio broadcast. Not forgeting that he did a rock ballad ‘I Remember’ before. Dae hyun does the starting and I have no doubt that he was meant for rock. He has the ‘rock’ voice if you know what I mean. The arrangement of the song is smooth and the placement of the rap parts don’t feel out of place at all. As usual, I love Zelo’s rap party because of his younger hence more different voice than the usual huskier rapping voices. (not saying Yong Guk’s wasn’t great). This song is no doubt another winner amongst the electronic music Korean boy bands are used to releasing.

I would say that i am pretty happy with their musical direction so far, if the non-title track is already this good, i’m sure the album will just be as good as their previous two albums. B.A.P is proving to be a more than rather outstanding rookie. Considering the gap between each release is this short but the quality
Is still there. If they keep releasing albums of this quality, it’s no doubt that they will be taking over the charts soon enough.


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