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2NE1’s confession: ‘I Love You’

After their previous album release, 2NE1 has very very quickly rose up in the music charts to join the ranks of the likes of big name groups. The group showed endless potential and release one hit song after another. Their latest release being ‘I Love You’.

The MV’s style is pretty much typical of 2NE1 in the sense that it is filled with colours and doesn’t really circulate around a plot, but more individual shots of the members. The theme of this MV this time round is of chinese roots as seen in the chinese-style backdrop and chinese umbrellas lit up by the familiar reddish/pinkish lighting from the red/pinkish lanterns and of course that ridiculously huge lotus of a thing at the end. I loved the train carriage scene because the bright colours of the carriage contrasted with the darker background ‘outside’.

However, more than other MVs, i’m just feeling a bit more confused. It almost seems like a plot was going to be there but then it wasn’t. And it was a little weird for the MV to be all about solo shots and out of nowhere we get a dance from all 4. Granted there was a ‘transition’ done by the lighting up of the white-light lanterns, it was still a bit out of place. Not forgetting that random room where CL did a solo dance in. Suddenly they decided to film Cat Woman? (or Bat Woman, since they needed that big torch light)

Naturally, the girls look gorgeous here with the amount of eyeliner and eyelash especially Park Bom (with her green eyelash). I’m thinking this girl group runs out of eyeliner the quickest. (i’m reminded of Baek Hyun from EXO suddenly, haha) Their clothing always has the biggest price tag and i’m just waiting for an article about that sooner or later, because like Big Bang, money is not an issue when fashion is concerned. I especially liked Dara’s black dress!

With this latest MV, Dara’s hair (or lack of) is another topic. She said she cry when they had to shave of one side of her hair. Well, at least you have a lot of hair on the other side.  I must say i have always wanted to try that hairstyle too. CL had a bit of a vintage hairstyle here too, and just because it’s CL (and a lot of eyeliner) she looks beautiful.

The song itself is not disappointing per say, but i guess i was expecting a bit more. First setback in the intro is the similarity of the ‘Whoo whoo whoo’ part to T-ara’s Lovey Dovey. Yup. I said it. When Teen Top had that issue with ‘To You’, i had nothing much to say about that, but when 2NE1 does that, i can’t help but feel ‘Aww man’. Nevertheless, the melody is still nice and the music is 2NE1’s signature catchy electronic music. I also thought the ‘rap’ part near the end was a bit random and felt a tiny bit out of place. The arrangement of that was weird and didn’t seem like it was signaling the end of the song, making the ending a bit abrupt.

I must say that this song didn’t really appeal to me, but i’m sure it will grow on me eventually. I didn’t like Can’t Nobody at first anyway, but now it’s like a broken record in my playlist.


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