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ZE:A leaves an ‘AfterMath’

I’m afraid to say that i hardly know anything about ZE:A except cosmetic-surgery-done-but-proud-of-it-jokester Kwang Hee and acted-in-MoonThatEmbracesTheSun Siwan and Dong Jun in Dream Team. See how they all stem from some other source rather than the group itself? Of course i knew there were also known as Children of Empire. Pfft, who won’t remember that sort of name. The group might have had some concerts and tours, but it felt pretty insignificant to someone who didn’t know them well.

The first thing i came to hate was the set of the MV. It was like a stage and a screen behind them that screened different backgrounds. So. Not. Cool. All in all, the MV felt pretty incoherent and the only nicer scenes where probably their solo shots in between those grey walls. If the backgrounds on the screen was a bit better i could have overlooked it (maybe), but it wasn’t, so end of story. The projections took away a lot of attention off the boys, which made me wonder what the director was thinking. (budget caught your tongue..or wallet) On the whole, i think we would be better off watching any of their live performances compared to the MV to really appreciate the song and the choreography.

Hair. Yes. Dong Jun’s greyish hair plus red jumpsuit and a white flower necklace/choker (what did i just type?) reminds me of christmas. Santa Claus maybe? Albeit a slimmer and more good looking one still. And that’s when i realise, ‘oh, summer theme equals flower theme?’. Cue: Siwan’s huge blue flower on his jacket. Before flower theme overtook my mind, another thought crept into my mind. “Just because Dong Jun has grey (lighter colour) hair, did they think he had to wear all the bright coloured clothing they bought but didn’t know who to put on to?” 2nd Cue: Dong Jun’s blue suit. OK. enough MV.

The choreography (refer to live perf. below) is quite nice to watch with plenty of fun and variations that keeps it exciting. I think the hug was cute and definitely eye-grabbing. Though it wasn’t the most intense awesome choreography, it is well fitted for a liver performance, and if an intenser one was going to hinder and vocals, i’d say yes to this less complicated choreography over lipsync (looking at SM. Again)

The song, yes, let’s more to happier things. The song is great. It’s so good to hear a song becoming catchy no-thanks to auto-tune. 3 cheers for no auto-tune. Though the song still uses sound effects and electronic music, the melody of the vocals is pretty nice and at least doesn’t sound similar to any recent songs (we know how often it’s happening nowadays). Though i won’t say the song was exceptionally great, it was not bad and i could see myself giving a bit more attention to them if they were gonna come up with songs like this or better in the future.

Their live ain’t bad. Dong Jun can sing really well. Hopefully, this album propels them to greater heights.


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