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Younha: ‘Run’s to my heart

Younha is finally back with her latest album Supersonic and i am happy beside myself. The girl is truly one of the geniuses in this industry that i respect and admire. Her latest MV comes in two different versions: coloured & black-white

The MV is pretty artsy as the main theme of it is ‘running Younha’. It’s actually quite amazing how one can just stare at an MV that just features pretty much running, makes you realise how beautiful running can look even if Younha doesn’t have the longest of legs.

The running theme is linked to the music as she only runs when it comes to the climaxes (i.e the chorus and the bridge). So at the beginning of the song, we see her just standing still with her eyes closed while the camera zooms in. As the chorus starts, she opens her eyes, turn around and we see something resembling a whale and she’s off. We see furniture come hurling her way, thankfully, she doesn’t get hit by them, imagine the controversy. In the second chorus, her running is speeded up and then comes the cute little part of the famous E.T scene. It’s here that we see the whale making it seem like it was chasing her all this while, as it’s outer layer splits into little pieces revealing a white whale. The MV ends as Younha continues running, or jogging now.

The song itself is very interesting and unique (just the breather I need in Kpop sometimes). The song opens up with some synthesizer, the tempo of it actually feels like it matches the light flashes we see in the MV at the beginning, and Younha sings in a bit of a robotic way. The whole experience is really quite different. The chorus opens up with a stronger beat against electronic music, and the chorus maintains Younha’s style. The song arrangement is perfect and the melody is pretty. Even Younha is caught up with the trend of using funky bass chords, but she sure showed a lot of kpop songs how to use the synthesizer and funky chords in a more refreshing way.

As usual, Younha does a good job with every album produced. This is one CD i have to get.


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