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Younha: is ‘Supersonic’ to me

Since the release of her recent album, I have been hooked to the whole album, song after song.

Track List:

1. Supersonic

2. People

3. Rock like stars feat. Tiger JK

4. Run

5. No limit

6. Rain Shower

7. Would we have changed feat. John Park

8. Cream sauce pasta

9. Wait for me

10. Driver feat. Jay Park

11. Hope


…has got to be one of my favorite tracks. It’s probably one of those (pop) rock tracks that can still attract mainstream listeners (something like what Paramore has), and I am pretty much a sucker for (pop) rock. This song combines the slower vocals with the rock ballad music very well, using a distortion on the electric as a transition is surprisingly convincing enough, even if it lasts for a mere second. Knowing that Younha had a hand in the composition of the music comes as no surprise to me. Loyal listeners who’ve heard her older works knows she has a thing for rock, and that is one of the side of her that I am so attracted to (other than her amazing musical ability).


Younha was also involved in the production of this song, and it’s no wonder that I like it too. The song is just about a 180 degree change from the previous song except for the electric distortions making it the transition between both songs. This song showcases the sounds of bells (sometimes present in her more chirpy songs) and the ride cymbals on the drums instead of the usual hi-hat. This song also takes on a slightly jazzy rhythm.


(check out my review of this song along with it’s MV: http://wp.me/p2nC81-cr)

Rain Shower

…is a ballad song. The beginning focuses more on the lower notes of the piano before adding the guitars and drum beats to the music. At this point (or song), we feel the transition from rock to ballad. The arrangement of this song is no different from many ballads, it’s the still details and differences in the music that makes it one step above an average ballad.

Would we have changed

…is another favourite. (review here: http://wp.me/p2nC81-9F)

Cream Sauce Pasta

This song also sees Younha as a part of producing this song. Special effects (or sounds, signature of Owl City) was heard here. This song is definitely more light-hearted than most of what we’ve heard so far. A light pop song is as close as we get.


This song is more acoustic than any of the songs above, and as i’ve mentioned, i’m also a sucker for acoustic music (because i play the acoustic). This is a great song to end the album as the music is clean and light, preventing us from thinking too deep into the music, yet it’s not to the extend of it being shallow.

This album definitely shows us Younha’s new found maturity as the music takes on deeper emotions and feelings. It is certainly an album that stands out from many other kpop albums. Younha shows us that full length albums don’t have to be only about having half of the songs ‘good’. Younha has never stood on the same level as idols, she is a level herself. The versatility of her voice is no joke, from rock to ballad to acoustic, whoever gives her a chance will not regret.


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