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Super Junior: boasts about being ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ (MV)

The long-awaited Suju’s 6th allbum (not really, because it actually feels pretty recent since their 5th album. *shrugs*) ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ is out.

For one, i don’t think i will ever be able to get caught up with that title of ‘Sexy, Free & Single’. (it’s kind of annoying to type too. can i just use the abbreviation ‘SFS’?) In my previous article on their MV teaser, i was under the impression that this song would be just like their previous title tracks, mainly ‘Sorry Sorry’, ‘Bonamana’ and ‘Mr. Simple’ but i was a little bit wrong (just a little).

When i first saw the MV, but initial reaction was, ‘Oh, it looks like they’ve got a bigger dance box-set.’ 

The MV is amazingly boring, and the only savior was their good looks and choreography. The worst background had to be the plain white curve-of-a-wall within a patch of black with some bluish lighting (That background looked better at some angles). Don’t even get me started on that street scene. The colouring was actually nice, but the effect was horrible. Urgh. The last time SM used a street background for SuJu in ‘It’s You’, it was perfect and nicely arranged compared to this. I think i’m getting a headache with the switching of that orangy scene to the black and white scenes. The most ridiculous scene had to be the part where the SuJu members were floating around in space supposedly. Pfft.

Their choreography, thankfully, never fails. One of the advantage they have with such a big group, they can always do the ‘canon’ dance effectively. And i always pretty much enjoy Eun Hyuk’s solo dances, is it just me or is this guy becoming more and more charismatic with every new release. Something i haven’t seen before much in Suju’s choreography would be a circular formation which they did here. There was also an exceptional amount of arms movements in this MV. For one thing, Suju almost always never does repetitive dance moves which makes up for their otherwise previously relatively similar sounding songs and MVs, which is something i appreciate a lot.

The song itself…

I hated that sharp sound in the beginning of the MV.

I won’t say this song totally deviates from their usual style, but at least i hear a little bit of progression and it doesn’t remind me totally of their previous ‘Sorry Sorry’ re-makes. The music pretty much still relies entirely on electronic music. I really liked the melody of the whole song, especially Sung Min’s and Ryeo Wook’s parts. The part i thought could have been better would definitely be the SuJu chant, though at the same time, i’m not sure what would be good to replace it. The problem of putting this chant because there’s nothing else to put lies with the fact that the whole song is too fast-paced. The pre-chorus (before the chant) is also fast-paced but doesn’t seem like it can stand as a chorus, so there’s where the chant comes in. The chant ensures that there is no anti-climax so that it kind of functions as the chorus and the transition to the next verse. It somehow seems like the problem lies with the fact that the composer doesn’t know how to fit a chorus with a climax into a already fast-paced song, or something like that. Either that, or they just think chants are catchy and will never go wrong.

As usual the infinite hooks and riffs that SM is so good at sells, because the song is catchy.

The concept in this MV seems to be more similar to ‘Bonamana’. Ah, now we’re recycling clothing styles too, can’t blame them, clothes are essentially the same kind if you talk about stylish ones you can dance in. The sleeveless shirt Eun Hyuk wore looks very very familiar. (checks Bonamana MV). However, the rock concept part of the MV is different i guess, it’s almost goth at some points. I liked the Goth theme and i did wish they pushed it a little bit further, maybe next time. I thought Yesung looks good with red hair, i liked Kyu Hyun’s detachable collar, Lee Teuk’s outfit was pretty cool, and Eun Hyuk just is to die for.

I miss HeeChul already


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