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Suju: MV teaser for ‘Sexy, Free & Single’


After watching and hearing Suju’s latest MV teaser for ‘Sexy, Free & Single’, I can’t help but feel a tinge of disappointment and boredom.

Anyone who has listen to the above and has been listening to Super Junior for the last 2 years at least will know that like how ‘Bonamana’ was ‘Sorry sorry’ version 2 and Mr Simple was ‘Sorry sorry’ version 3, this year, we get version 4 (or version # beta).

I admit that while I am disappointment at the lack of variation and evolution of Super Junior’s songs, I will undoubtedly be hooked to the song for at least a while. No one can deny it’s addictive-ness, but it’s not as if it would make me love them more to buy their album when I can just listen to previous albums to experience the same things.

While I continue to enjoy Super Junior as a variety idol and some parts an artiste, I can’t help but to wonder and wish they would try to do better considering the strong fan base they have where it actually allows them to experiment out of their comfort zone. I would understand if a less popular group had to churn out addictive hooks to keep alive in the Kpop market. Since this album is already a goner, we can only put our hopes on the next one.


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