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Sistar: is ‘Loving U’

Following the success of their previous title track ‘Alone’, the girls are back with ‘Loving U’. With this round of promotions, it looks like the girls are surely ready to stand on the same level as the likes of girl groups like T-ara.

In accordance with the season of summer, the girls show us a good time with their summer song ‘Loving U’ with the extra effects of Hawaii (in the MV). I couldn’t be more envious.

The MV is pretty much based on the concept of summery fun on the beach with the sun, the sand and lots of hotties (including the girls themselves of course). We watch the girls take selcas (self-shots), try to hitch a ride and basically enjoy themselves (while we hide in air-conditioned places to avoid the heat). It’s all a mindless watch unless you’re a guy.

The girls look great in just tank tops and shorts with the occasional sailor outfits. I must say Hyorin has the voice, the looks and definitely the body. Compared to their previous more outrageously cheap outfits, the girls look almost sweet and innocent in this MV. Who says simple can’t be nice.

The choreography seems a bit more fun than usual, though we are still reminded of their asses in some moves. Nevertheless, I can feel the summer in the choreography and i can finally say: ‘i feel comfortable watching them dance.’ (which is so much more than i can say for G.Na’s 2Hot performances)

The song itself is decent, but definitely loses to ‘Alone’. I see they’ve decided to stick with the ‘Whoo whoo whoo’ part that was definitely catchy in ‘Alone’. Whether because of their own improvement in their vocal skills or something else, the girls seem to finally be able to better showcase their talents (since ‘Alone’). From Hyorin’s amazing voice to Bora’s rapping here (she probably suits this sort of rap more than the one in ‘Alone’). Like in ‘Alone’, the song doesn’t push Hyorin too hard as she gets a range that is more comfortable to her, not to mention that the other members get to contribute to the vocals more so that Hyorin doesn’t over-exhaust her vocal chords.

The song does have a bit of a Big Band music but generally just stands for fun music for a fun song. The arrangement is good enough that i doubt anyone would be complaining about. All in all, it looks like Sistar’s big break is in this year.


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