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SORT: Songs On Repeat This week (8)


I’ve decided to have a special weekly post where i share what songs i was hooked on in no order.

18 Jun – 24 Jun:


Standing Egg – Keep Going

An acoustic song by an indie band, this is one of my favorite kind of song. (which we hear from CNBLUE once in a while) For an acoustic guitar player, nothing beats simple chords to go with simple rhythm when the melody of the vocals is good enough. No matter how simple this song is, I just have a soft spot for this type of music. (not to mention that the MV is adorable!)


Verbal Jint  feat. Sanchez – You deserve better

This song leans towards R&B and hip hop with the alternation between softer singing and stronger rapping. It’s one of those songs where the chorus is sung while the verse is rapped. The thing that stood out for me was the rhythm of the song. Compared to many other kpop R&B songs, this song has a more unique tempo especially the 2nd verse. The vocals was done by Sanchez of Phantom (rookie group from Brand New Music too), the guy can sing really well live! (check out their pre-debut track impromptu live http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZ1VcbgYfR4&list=UUAkWpyeieFjzS7GzSJMArhQ&index=8&feature=plcp) Given that the techniques and kind of instruments used to create the music wasn’t extraordinary, the arrangement of the whole song was great. It’s the little differences in beats (or lack of) that creates the pace and feel of the song.


Heo Young Saeng – Crying

Previously in SS501, even though i knew he was the better singer, he was generally overshadowed by the others because (sorry to say) he wasn’t the best looking or attention grabbing. Now as a solo artiste, he is more charismatic than ever. This song, a pop ballad, is probably what he is best and can showcase his vocals properly instead of some auto-tuned soundtrack. What really made him appear more charismatic has also got to be the choreography, though strikingly similar to the style of Tae Yang from Big Bang at some points. (Oh, wait a minute, even the style of the song is similar… oops) Well, considering that i haven’t exactly been catching up with the other SS501 members’ solo promotions, (though i know their Kin Hyun Joong is obviously doing very well) Heo Young Saeng seems to be doing a pretty decent job getting his name out there.


2BiC feat. Ailee – Love Again

(check out my review of this song in 2BiC’s album review)


Sunggyu’s (INFINITE’s leader) rendition of – Impossible Love

I normally won’t put covers or renditions of other songs in S.O.R.T, but i stumbled upon this video, and i thought the song was done really nicely (vocals, music arrangement and all)

Sunggyu’s first performance on Immortal Song 2, i would say he did a pretty decent job, even though there were some shaky parts. I especially liked the piano arrangement at the beginning (the feel of a skipping rhythm), i’ve heard the original’s music but i believe i preferred this more (probably due to the generation gap haha!). I liked how the song turned into more of a mid-tempo ballad, and we already know Sunggyu is one of the better singer in INFINITE and he does have the more ballad image (the old man image hahah). The falsetto high-note near the end was perfect to me, a very stable one i would say. On an ending note, though i know ballads showcases the vocal skills a lot, i hope he does different varieties of renditions.


Well, that’s all folks. Look out for the next sunday’s update of my SORT.

Remember to go to my Recommend Me page if you have any good songs you want to share! Otherwise, you can always comment below. =)


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