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2BiC: Hu+Man

Along with my growing love for Ailee, comes 2Bic into my kpop world. I’d admit that they are far from idealistic idols in the looks department, but when it comes to their voice, (they are not big for show) they have big voices that can beat out any competition in the boy bands’ vocals department. (with voices like that, can we even categorize them under boy band?) With voices like that, who cares about looks when you buy their MUSIC cds. Music is all about the ears and not the eyes. Nevertheless, i’m not saying i don’t look good-looking guys because that will just be a huge fat lie, who doesn’t. But if they had to compromise their vocals for looks, i say keep the voices. With their new mini-album release, i’m ready to join the 2BiC wagon.

Track List:

1. Love Again feat. Ailee

2. Promise You

3. Lady Lady

4. On nights like tonight (with Davichi)

5. Promise You (Piano ver.)

6. Love Again (Inst.)

Love Again

Ailee’s opening is just so sleek (and American), her rap is as amazing as her voice, i thought it was Miryo for a second. As i said in my previous article, the girl is a superstar rap and all. Anyway, on to the rest of the song. The guys blended their ad-libs into her rap to transition to their singing parts, need i say that those ad-libs were out of this world. When the verse started, i fell in love with their sleek, a little bit rough and amazingly beautiful voices. The genre of the song (R&B) really brought out their voices, the whole arrangement of the song was smooth and never more amazing. Ailee’s amazing vocals (and rap!) only added to the power of the song. This is one song that is definitely going to be on repeat for awhile. The song, the rap, the voices made me believe that it was all made for this music genre. With Ailee’s amazing english, if the boys could do english just as well (because they already have soul) , i have no doubts that their R&B songs could make it into the english market. This R&B song doesn’t  lose to any other R&B songs out there.


Promise You

..is, as the boys wish for, a very wedding sounding kind of song. A mid-tempo song, it stands out a lot from other mid-tempo kpop songs. I am more familiar with this style of music in the english music market end. The song, especially the chorus, gives off a very sweet feeling. This is one of those songs you cry with at a wedding, out of happiness of course. I can imagine how this song will do very well as an acapella (with harmonisation) with snapping fingers and a swaying tempo. Especially with voices like these, the guys can surely pull it off.


Lady Lady

Another R&B song off the album but with a slower tempo. The guys absolutely pulled a ‘Craig David’ with this song, tempo, voice and all. The ad-libs in the intro had me almost thinking i was listening to a Negro singing (who says Asians can’t stand on par with American singers vocally). Just like the previous song, this song features a lot of harmonisation as the music borders on acoustic music. Because of the wholesome of their voices, even an acoustic song sounds full and satisfying.


On nights like tonight

A more bright and cheery song, this is another song that doesn’t sound like any generic kpop song, for hardcore kpop listeners, it might take a couple of listens to fully appreciate this song. I must say it has a little bit of a christmas or festival feel to it. The christmas feel was created by the higher notes played on the organ and with repetitive notes, creating sounds similar to that of christmas bells. With two talented duos on this song, a live performance of this would be perfect for any celebration.


Most of the album (3 out of 4 of the actual songs) leans towards an R&B that is more American in style than other R&B kpop songs, in a sense that there was no kpop distractions in the music but almost pure R&B before all the electronic ding-a-lings came in. The arrangement of the album was good, balancing between songs of different tempos to keep thing from becoming boring.

Well, either the guys listened to a lot of American R&B songs or they were just made to do R&B. Their talent makes me want to believe that if they could sing in good english, i don’t see why they won’t be able to make in in the English music market, considering that the English music market doesn’t focus on looks as much as kpop. Then again, it seems that there are still many koreans who appreciate great voices over looks.


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