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Ailee: brings me to ‘Heaven’

Recently, i’ve heard some hype about a particular female rookie solo artiste called Ailee. Not sure why, but even before i heard any of her songs or her singing, i had a feeling that this was going to be a pretty huge one. (funnily, i heard the song ‘Heaven’ from BtoB first, when 4 of them performed it during one of their showcase at Lotte World in a short variety programme for them) And you know what they say, always save the best for the last, and that moment is today. Curiousity finally got the better of me as i typed out ‘Ailee – Heaven’ on youtube’s search engine. (After listening to her in 2BiC’s latest song: Love Again)

The thing that stood out for me was the melody of the song more than her voice initially. By the chorus, i could sense how strong and amazing her voice was, but it could never prepare me for what was to come. The song was but a third of her potential. That’s when a video of her singing ‘Halo’ by Beyonce caught my eye.

Yup, i was in cloud 9 and on my way to ‘Heaven’, with a ‘Halo’ above my head. Her perfect english only serve to impress me more given that she was raised in the States. (Finally, a Korean singer with perfect english besides a few rare others like Tablo, my english-speaking side of me swoons at the thought) Well, the person who posted this video wasn’t wrong with ending it with ‘omg!!!’ because that’s what it is.

And who would have guessed that she had a youtube channel. Even then, pre-debut and all, we could already see (hear) the star in her.

There you go, no questions asked, this is a superstar diva. Every reason that a rookie like her joins Immortal Song that soon.

There’s practically no girl her age in the kpop music industry currently that can beat her. Yup, i said it. I just love her voice and her energy on stage. Off-stage, she sometimes get a bit cute for me, but once she starts performing, she blows away any cringe-worthy moments she might have when she’s not performing. Will you look at the girl perform ‘Lonely Lover’, she has so much expression and emotion written in her face and voice.

Ailee is definitely one rookie to look out for this year. Compared to any other girl bands that debuted this year so far (except SPICA), she is truly, the breathe of fresh air and talent that blows our minds out the window, and beautiful in her own way.


P.S: did i mention that the girl sure can rap?


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