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Boyfriend: Love Style

Besides disco music, funky chords are now a trend in kpop as seen in another kpop song, this time by Boyfriend.

Boyfriend is yet another boy band that debuted amongst a million (not really a million) other boy bands that i never found the time nor bothered to find out about. Too many is too many. Nevertheless, i was curious this time round (what with my favorite bands not promoting at the moment).

Even though funky chords and dub-step and in-trend stuff was heard once again in their new song ‘Love Style’, you could say it was applied in a pretty different way. The whole song is well-suited to the summer season as the song leans towards chirpy. The chorus actually hovers around chorus-styled music, which is pretty unique. A few days ago i would have criticize the repetitive lyrics in the chorus, but i’ve become more receptive to it after a few listens, what more, it does suit the style of the whole song. When the song first came out, i must say i didn’t like it one bit, but give it a bit time (and open-mindedness), it’s not all too bad. I think it helps that i listen to the song without watching the MV.

The MV is actually pretty… pretty. the colours go very well together and it’s all flowers (literally) and butterflies. Though i raised an eyebrow at their floral patterned jumpsuit, as a person who likes fashion, i’m almost ready to pass it off as a fashion statement (as long as they can pull it off). The MV has two main backgrounds for dancing scenes where the boys alternate between shades of pink and blue-green colours. Due to the simplicity of the MV, i’m not sure if the director or producer felt that there was a need to fill the white spaces with ‘nananana’ and ‘high’ and their company’s name (roll eyes), or they just thought it was a smart move. Either way, it kind of gives me a headache and takes away unnecessary spotlight away from the boys. Maybe they should, i don’t know, think of a better idea?

The choreography, i like. The boys have sharp and clean movements and the choreography is simple but not boring, and most importantly, it suits the overall feel of the song and MV. Overall, the MV was a pretty relaxing thing to watch and enjoyable to a certain extend (looking really young, boys).

Check out their live performance


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