Hilariously: Big (Spoiler)

After watching 4 episodes, i am a pretty satisfied viewer. In the first episode, there was already a lot of eye candy mainly from Kyung Joon (Shin), Gil Da Ran (Lee Min Jung, she’s so pretty! She’s definitely come a long way from the korean drama Boys Before Flowers.) and of course Yoon Jae (Gong Yoo), with his ‘chocolate abs’, quoted directly from his own mouth (haha! if you think about him not acting as Kyung Joon, he’s praising his own abs in real life!)

Shin is a new actor (and an idol of recently debuted group -Cross Gene.) who was previously known as the idol trainee in Bachelor’s vegetable store. Having only watched a few episodes of Bachelor’s, i couldn’t recognize him at first, i guess he caught my attention more in this show, the guy can act pretty well (especially for an idol). In this show, so far, we only really see him active in the 1st episode (sadly). I hope they let him act more! (then again, now that h’s group debuted, lying around on day on set it definitely one way to rest and earn money at the same time)

Lee Min Jung is as usual, adorable (and really pretty) and able to show the right emotions at the right time. She acts as Kyung Joon’s teacher and Yoon Jae’s finance in ‘Big’. As for Gong Yoo, who just got discharged from military duties, his body is better than ever. The Hong sisters are sure to use that to their advantage. Acting as a younger boy of 18 after Kyung Joon’s and Yoon Jae’s souls got switched, i sometimes feel as though he might be exaggerating a little compared to what we saw in Kyung Joon’s character in the 1st episode. Nevertheless, it’s not like the first episode was truly about to show us all aspects of Kyung Joon’s personality to really say that Gong Yoo’s acting was a bit off. It also helps viewers remember that Kyung Joon is inside Yoon Jae’s body more easily.

When i first read the synopsis of the drama, i was like ‘Switching souls again?’. However, the teaser (or the ending of the teaser, because it was damn right hilarious, though the teaser was a bit messy) proved to be a motivation to watch this drama, and i’m glad i did.

The first episode basically set the storyline and gave as a bit of background information.Very quickly, the drama moves into its theme of soul-swapping, body-switching which is spark off by an accident both guys were in. So far, we are made to believe that there is some magical fantasy thingy at work here as we are constantly shown a picture of two angels that both guys have. One of the scene involved, had the guys be in a posture that would overlap that picture of the two angels. I’m thinking that it’s more practical to shoot that scene then try to create that picture rather than the opposite, but the world of movie (drama in this case) making is beyond me.

The main goal of the drama should be the purpose of the leads returning to their own respective bodies. On the sideline, we have ourselves the questionability of Yoon Jae’s feelings for Da Ran. Sometimes when we think he doesn’t really love her, we get thrown some previously unknown flashbacks to prove us wrong. We are obviously being thrown around as viewers, and I’m leaving my options and mind open for now.

Suzy (from Miss A) comes in at episode 3, bringing with her a bit more glimpse of Kyung Joon’s past. She basically has a similar stuck-up brat character of Dream High except with a soft spot for Kyung Joon. I can’t say I detest her acting, but I’m not really digging it (and her) either. She’s always lack the feeling of youth since she debut at 15, yet doesn’t feel like she’s mature to me (if you get me).

I really enjoy the on-screen interaction and chemistry between Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo even though it’s not romantic, for now anyway. Gong Yoo is hilariously (big) funny with all his childish scheming and what-nots. At the same time, he portrays a nice young-adult-like vulnerability at times.

This is a jolly season in kdramaland as the dramas are all pretty good. All the better for us kdrama lovers. I can’t wait for more episodes of BIG.


5 comments on “Hilariously: Big (Spoiler)

  1. This drama just keeps surprising me!! Have you seen episode 5 yet? It’s getting really crazy lol.

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