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SORT: Songs On Repeat This week (7)


I’ve decided to have a special weekly post where i share what songs i was hooked on in no order.

11 Jun – 17 Jun:

Hwayobi – I live like this

This song is a slow mid-tempo ballad that has a sensual beat making it very different from the usual Kpop we all used to. Hwayobi’s unique and husky voice is well suited and goes very well with this type of music. This song does remind me a bit I her previous song ‘Bye bye bye’ at the beginning though. Nevertheless, it is still a more-than-decent song.

Shinhwa – Let it go

I’m on a Shinhwa-row, and this song is also from their Venus album. I must say even the intro stays out from other current Kpop songs. The music does progress into electronic music but the essence heard at the beginning of the song is still kept. With the guys’ devotion to their music and fans, it’s no wonder that every song that came off this album is a potential hit making the album worth every penny.

K.Will – We never go alone

The intro music of this song reminded me of another song I used to love, but I wont want to mention it because I don’t want to spoil this song for you. Anyway, the intro’s musical phrase gives a very nice magical feeling that I have missed in Kpop. The music then transitions to focus on the guitar and bass guitar melody as it approaches the chorus of the song, creating the climax it needs.

Younha – Would we have changed

(check out the review of this song in my article on Younha: http://wp.me/p2nC81-9F)

F(x) – Beautiful stranger

(check out the review in their album review)

Standing Egg –

Well, that’s all folks. Look out for the next sunday’s update of my SORT.

Remember to go to my Recommend Me page if you have any good songs you want to share! Otherwise, you can always comment below. =)


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