Younha: asks us ‘Would we have changed’

Younha has got to be one of my most respected artiste in the kpop world. (Her piano skills are no joke) She is everything i would have wanted to be. I first found out about her through an animation ending theme song:

No no, i didn’t post the wrong video, because our talented artiste actually debuted in Japan first. As you can see in the MV, she isn’t the prettiest but she is one of the most talented korean singer-songwriter solo female artiste i know. (her looks, or lack of, hindered her from debuting in Korea first as she was rejected in many auditions). It was only through the famous anime that she was able to really break through into the japanese music market. Her popularity eventually lead her to be able to debut in Korea too.

This was the first Korean song she promoted when she debuted in Korea. Behold, her amazing awesome voice. (there’s nothing a little make-up can’t fix after all, because she looks significantly better here with better stylists i suppose) Might i remind you, she was only 19 years old at that time.

One of the last songs she promoted before her hiatus of about 2 years. This song was written by Hwayobi (another talented artiste that i will write about another time) and is a piano ballad. Younha does ballad just as well, and her voice is just beautiful to listen to.

Rewind back to the present, she comebacks with a pre-release of her next album:

Featuring John Park, the song’s main theme revolves around regrets of break ups, asking ‘Would we have changed’ (if i held on to you).

I must say, I was quite surprised when I first heard the song, it reminded me very much of Cantonese songs (the melody, Younha must be listening to Cantonese songs these days), making it a very different style compared to the usual Kpop styles. The music is largely made up of organ music (more band music) than the usual electronic sounds we hear more often than not.

I know of John Park well enough to know of his attempt at American Idol and Superstar K, and I’m sure I’ve heard snippets of his singing, but it is in this song where I really pay attention. He actually has a pretty normal voice if not on the lower range, but when they harmonize at the chorus, I am surfing on cloud 9 because it is beautiful. It looks like John park deserves a bit more of my attention.

The music and arrangement is simple but effective, something I can always appreciate. Younha has never disappointed me and with this song, I know she still hasn’t. At such a young age, she has achieved so much that I may never achieve even in the next few decades of my life. I hope she (and her company) continues down this direction and never lose sight of herself (looking at you G.NA and Cube).


2 comments on “Younha: asks us ‘Would we have changed’

  1. I’m on board with you on younha new song that out… I just love it and i’ve being listen to it the enter days that it has being out and I hope her new company know what they have and don’t waste her like her old company did and I also can’t wait for her Japan come back. the song is #1 except for melon which is in the top 10 which is good since it was release 3 days ago.

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