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Wonder Girls: The problem with ‘Like This’

Just a few minutes ago i was watching Music Bank when Wonder Girls started performing their new title track ‘Like This’. Earlier on, i had reviewed the MV and title track in a previous post (http://wp.me/p2nC81-84) and i had some pretty words to say about the MV and the song. Sadly, after the watching ,for the first time, the live performance of ‘Like This’, i was a bit disappointed.

Here’s the MV to refresh your memory, and for comparison’s sake, here’s the today’s live.

Rather than saying they did a poor performance, it was more like it was just not enjoyable to watch. Skills-wise, i have nothing much to say. Rather than it being their fault, it’s more the fault of my expectations of this song and them. Compared to the MV, the girls seemed more natural and somewhat in-place. In my opinion, most of the fault lies in the choreography (and lack of back-up dancers? See their comeback stage that had back-up dancers to recreate the same effect achieved in the MV, much better i would say) and concept of having fun (because just having 5 people dance didn’t feel like it was a party).

In the MV, with the simple choreography and mass of people, the choreography (or lack of) seemed to work, but when it’s only five of them doing the same choreography and all facing one direction (as if they could face away from the camera), the choreography was lost on me. There isn’t anything wrong with the simple choreography, the main problem lies in the fact that it works for the concept of the MV, but put it to use on a live performance with an actual stage, it becomes a bit awkward and boring. (Because the stage was too small, there wasn’t space for back-up dancers)

Most of the time, an MV may become a better promotion tool because there is no live singing while dancing needed to hinder either one, but a live performance could work better when the artiste has good stage presence and the vocal skills for it. In this case, it’s neither, and the problem mainly lies with the concept of the choreography, not the skill of the choreography (or choreographer). Furthermore, the MV has surprisingly became a hinderance as it makes us have a certain expectation which may be difficult to bring out during the live performances at times.

Just when i was thinking all these bad things about their live performance, out comes out the most anti-climax thing: Competition against a group (Big Bang) who is not even promoting but are still difficult to beat. (Sighs) Well, this was the feelings i got when i first watched today’s performance, it gets better the 2nd time round, but the fun factor was definitely needed (see 120614’s performance). Congrats on being No.1 anyway.



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