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f(x): Electric Shock + MV

First of all, this is a rare time where i listened to the official audio before i get to see the MV. It doesn’t really changes how well i access the song, but i guess it changes my perception of the song unconsciously. I’m sure there have been times when you like to listen to the song while watching the MV or times when you hated the MV but loved the song. I’m not sure how much the MV may affect my judgement of the song, but for the song review, i’m doing it without watching the MV (yet) this time.

The song seems to be an evolvement of f(x)’s music style (just a bit). When I watched the teaser, I must say the pink digital set reminded me very much of online dance games.

The music style is very still unique to f(x) with added edgy-ness to it. There was more singing and less talking in this song (always a good thing), and in this song, SM made use of the slower pre-chorus to build up the climax of the chorus, which prevents the song from sounding too monotonous at the same time. A little push and pull in music can be a good thing. Well, the song is very much f(x), so for fans and people who already know f(x), i won’t linger on the music too long.

The MV just screams. SM. f(x)’s MV sets have always been more than just a box set, though we know it is in a box, but they have always played around with the sets. In this MV, it’s almost as if f(x) has taken SuJu’s place in the MV part of kpop as the group who uses a box set in every shot of the MV. Yup, in this MV, it’s one colourful box after another. Another ultra turn off for me would be the solo shots of the girls holding shocking equipment with CG electricity coming out as if SM has become crazy enough to want to electrify as through the computer or TV. Hold on while i chock on my own saliva. (cause that’s not happening any time soon even with 3D tv) The MV has got to be one of f(x)’s most boring looking MV. The choreography seemed to have potential at the beginning (parts where 4 members turn their backs to the camera with only one member facing the camera), then its potential slowly withered away (However, after seeing Jet’s choreography, the choreography for Electric Shock has shot up to ‘god-like’ status) . The chorus’ choreography made me go.. Erm. Though the 2-people choreography near the end might be called different and unique, but it didn’t work for me because it felt a bit awkward (MV and Live). Speaking about live, how sad is it that SM now makes all their artistes lip sync for their comeback. Pfft.

Overall, the song is catchy, and Luna is looking better than ever, while i can still never be fond of Sulli, Amber gets to sing more. Most of the outfits were nice, the only one i hated was Sulli’s cheerleader-thing-of-an-outfit, it looked cheap and didn’t do anything to make her look great. I’m glad that f(x) is finally back, because it seemed like SM were neglecting  them for a while now. While the title track wasn’t the best, their mini-album holds nice surprises.


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