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A-Jax: One 4 U

I wrote this article a while back but forgot about it, i’ve heard a lot of good things happening to A-Jax, but my one problem lies with their debut track. A-Jax’s debut MV was like a cross between a trailer for a movie and an actual MV. (and i’m afraid i got Exo and B.A.P vibes: Warriors and Super powers? Someone has got to realise, we’ll in the generation of korean-super-powers)

The MV is basically about legends (or some sort of god) vs. some baddies (which even comes in the form of a toad-faced man. Creepy.) It’s rare to see most of the plot actors being western people with only the A-Jax members being Korean, further emphasizing the fact that it seemed like a trailer edited into an MV or vice versa.The choreography looks pretty good from the what i could see anyway. My other major complain is the song itself.

Hear the strings riff at the beginning? Just paste and copy that riff till it makes up to be about 4 minutes, and you have A-Jax’s debut track (except for the bridge). And that, is what we call SPAM. It was actually aptly used in the intro and maybe the verse, but using it even in the chorus is just boring (and super annoying). It wasn’t even background music enough to ignore. Maybe listening to the song with headphones made it worst, but throughout the song, all i could focus on was the strings riff and it was giving me a headache i couldn’t listen to the whole song at one shot.

Having nice riffs in a song usually makes the song nicer, but no matter how nice, moderation should always be practised, because too much of a good thing can spoil the whole thing. In the first place, the riff isn’t that unique because similar riffs are often heard in online games. If they have just tweaked the riff a bit even if it was just for the chorus, the song could have been a better way because the vocal melody actually has a lot of potential.

In the end, i do not recommend listening to this song with headphones at a loud volume (because the riff will be the only thing your ears choose to pick out), because i won’t want to spoil it for you.

P.S: this article was written when i first heard the song, though i think i’ve gotten used to the riff, i can’t help but still keep picking out the riff, and it spoils it for me 😦


One comment on “A-Jax: One 4 U

  1. I was really looking forward for this song and MV when i saw the teaser, but I was kind of disappointed when I saw it, the MV really remind me too much of “MAMA”, with that kind of MV they didn’t really stand out, since EXO had something similar before them, and I found the song doesn’t really to good with the MV….

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