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After School: is back with ‘Flashback’

To begin with, i’ve never kept up with After School, and i don’t think i will be starting to any time soon. Even though i’ve never really paid much attention to them and their music, i’ve always liked Kahi (ex-leader). She just has that sexy yet fierce (no agyeo!) aura that makes a girl want to look up to her. Besides Kahi, the only other member i know is UEE, because of the dramas she’s acted in, not that it made me really fond of her still (but i admit her acting doesn’t suck). I still don’t really understand the hype around her, but i’ll let it slide. Even though there was change in member, considering that i never really knew them, it doesn’t affect me at all (i just don’t get to see Kahi).

Due to my curiosity, (and i guess you could say i wanted to try to like them for all the credit they get) i watched the teaser for their MV which made me just a bit more curious -curious enough to watch their MV.

Nope. Still not feeling it.

Besides the obvious usage of dub-step and a little disco (again), the song didn’t really have substance. Even the chorus that had to be the climax wasn’t anything to be proud of. The auto-tune at the bridge, we could do without. The highlight of the song would actually be the last part where one of the members did the high note. It gave me goosebumps. After listening to it a few times, i think the verse actually had potential but the chorus didn’t do anything to draw that out. In the end, the song became a bit on the boring side. Not a song i would totally dismissed, but it lacks that something considering that this group is not a rookie group, i expected more. The little auto-tune bit didn’t do anything to help that.

The choreography is basically them looking hot and sexy through out the song. Sexy choreography can sometimes be a bit dangerous because it’s easy to cross the line : sexy vs. cheap. Thankfully, the girls pulled off the choreography well and we got sexy instead of cheap or sleazy. There were a couple of recycled moves, then again, how many sexy dance moves can you come up with before it crosses the line. Because of the way the MV was done, it’s still a bit difficult to see the whole choreography, but the overall feel of it seems fine. I would like to see the whole choreography when the perform live.

The MV itself is… an FHM photo shoot. The girls look hot, really. I even start to think UEE looks prettier. There’s nothing wrong with an MV like this, i just feel like the MV was boring in the sense that it was all about sexiness, them wearing lingerie and sitting around, besides the dancing portions. Sure, there was a guy tied in the chair and some gun pointing, but that was like an extremely weak attempt to make a plot for the MV, you might as well take it out. Then again, there’s not a lot of things you can make into an MV with a sexy theme, without out-of-the-box creativity.

Well, i’m sure guys all over the world celebrated for a free issue of FHM and in HD. As much as i think they pulled off the sexy concept really well, and i know how the title track comes as a whole package with the concept, the song is essentially the one thing i take into consideration the most. Therefore, i don’t think this song convinced me of their popularity. Better luck next time.


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